January 2021 Sock KAL - Chat

Our theme for this month: What do you see outside your window? For your theme picture, include a picture looking out your window and tell us how your view inspired your pattern choice.

Our color for this month: Any color you see outside your window.

As always, you can knit any pattern or color you like but you get an extra entry in the prize drawing for using a pattern that goes with the theme and/or using the monthly color.

Chat about the KAL in this thread and post your finished projects in the Finished Thread.

The prize for this month is a skein of fingering weight yarn, handspun by @Pegg Thomas. Thank you Pegg! For more information about how Pegg spun this yarn, check out her blog:


@Pegg Thomas Thank you for donating - this is awesome!

And it just happens to be a color that will work for the February challenge … if the winner needs yarn for that. :wink:

How conveeeenient. :fk:

Agree! This is awesome @Pegg Thomas !

@Pegg Thomas That is so gorgeous! May have to try for that one…

That is beautiful! I enjoyed going and reading your post about the whole process! I have yet to really spin a yarn I would trust for knitted socks, but it is my goal!

Keep at it. Time and practice will accomplish much. :slight_smile:

@Pegg Thomas - Most likely true. :slight_smile: I do love to spin, so I will continue on.

I have a question. I see there are 4 opportunities to enter, do all four need to be four different projects ? Or can one project count for two entries ? (say theme and completed pair of socks).

Each pair of socks can be posted up to four times. But it didn’t have to meet all four. You can make a pair of socks that don’t meet the theme or color or that meets one but not the other. Totally up to you.

@Spice2s - I hope KnitsWithHorses’ explanation answered your question. It can be confusing but don’t be afraid to ask. We try to make it easy for people to participate. Let’s say you have project bags full of partially completed socks. You can finish a pair and post them once for the “Finished pair” post. If you start from scratch, you have the option of following the theme and color. I try to make the themes flexible so you can be creative in how you follow the theme. For January, it’s about what you see out your window. If you are somewhere warm and you have tropical flowers outside, your pattern could be one with a tropical flower name. If you are in the snow belt, it could be a snowflake pattern. The fun part is that everyone has to post a picture of their view and tell us how it coordinates with their pattern. I just dyed some yarn green and it goes perfectly with my view right now but I have a winter weather advisory for tomorrow. My green might be gone by January! Then I’ll have to use gray. Chicago always has gray days in January :(.

I hope you join us. We love to encourage each other and we always have a prize drawing!

@lovestostitch Chicago? I’m in Wisconsin, north of Milwaukee, actually just north of Port Washington in a town called Belgium :slight_smile: We got a bit of snow on the ground. Luckily, I still see green year round, as we have several evergreens in our yard :slight_smile: This will be fun. I usually have a pair of socks on the needles. Thanks for the explanations, I plan on jumping right in in January. :slight_smile:

@Spice2s - I’m in the western suburbs. We’re getting the winter storm now. Are you getting it yet?

@lovestostitch We are getting snow too. It just started around 5:30 or so. I had an appointment in Port Wa at 5:15, and picked up pizza on the way home, so I am glad I was able to be home before it got bad. I like snow, I just don’t like driving in it!

My view has changed! Looks like green was still a good choice unless I wanted to use white. My yarn is caked and I’m ready to start January 1.



Pretty view! We picked up another 6" or so of snow today. Always looks good with a fresh layer down. :slight_smile:

We’re just getting rain. Lots of rain. Wonder what color a flooded creek should be… Lol Nah I’ve got lots of things to choose from outside my window. Pine trees, the various browns of the oak trees, a black and white goat and various shades of cat, birds, dogs and my daughters red tiny house. Now that I finally finished my December socks I’ll decide tomorrow what to do for January.

Our snow has a shiny, crusty layer of ice on top. This is the worst kind of weather. Ice is so dangerous. Hubby shoveled the driveway wearing his ice cleats.

Oh no…it looks so pretty out the window. I really hate ice. They are saying we may get a “wintry mix” tomorrow night which, in Oklahoma could mean anything from light rain to a foot of snow or an inch of solid ice or anything in between. I always hate when that stuff hits on New Years eve.