Jan 22-28 Stashbuster log

Here is the spot to record this week’s Stashbuster! :slight_smile:

I still can’t find the sheet from last weekend…. So I’m going off memory and adding to this.

I used 11 yards of fabric, 12 yards of stabilizer.

I gained a birthday four yards, and purchased 16 yards. (Still waiting for the 4 yards I ordered - will count when received).

Net for this week; -3

MTD: -39 yards
YTD: -39 yards

We have a guild garage sale this weekend and I’m currently winding fabric for donation. Hopefully I can get a bunch out that I have too much of. I have in the past purchased mystery boxes and while a great deal, they do contain things I don’t love.

Thanks for starting this one. The older one ending Jan 21 is here

Or did you mean the sheet you’ve written it all down on??

Week ending 1/28 used 3 skeins.

My personal sheet I was keeping track of things.

I was confused by your dates as it was more than one week, the 9th was a Tuesday, and I wasn’t sure. :slight_smile:

All fixed, not that it matters much at this date. I must have mis -typed it originally. If it happens again please let me know.

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