It's a Good Day to Dye!

Washed a fleece and dyed it today. Fleece is from Pip, my 1/2 Border Leicester/ 1/2 Leicester Longwool. I used Jacquard dyes, Deep Orange, Lilac, Spruce, Sapphire, and an olive green blended with Gold Ochre, Sapphire, and Brown. These colors will be fun to play with!

dyepot deep orange 2-6-21.jpg

dyepot lilac 2-6-21.jpg

dyepot spruce 2-6-21.jpg

dyepot sapphire 2-6-21.jpg

dyepot mixed green 2-6-21.jpg

I got them out of the cooling buckets this morning and spun out the water. Now they are drying in my rack. It’s very dry here right now, so I may be able to card a bit later tomorrow. :slight_smile: The olive looks a little washed out because the light from the window is on it, it’s actually darker. The orange turned out darker than I thought it would, which is good. I wanted a darker orange.

Drying Rack 2-7-21.jpg


What a fantastic setup!

Great colors!

Gorgeous colors. We were just chatting on the Zoom Knit Friday about dyeing larger quantities of solid fiber (vs stripes of a roving) That will be the goal next time.

@PurlgirlButtons I always dye “in the wool” and then blend on my drum carder or with hand cards. I like the result so much better. I rarely spin a solid colored yarn, I almost always blend 3 - 5 colors together. I love the depth it gives to my yarns. Sometimes I blend loosely so that I get stripes of all the colors, sometimes I blend thoroughly and get a heathery yarn, or I go somewhere in between. Love the whole process.

These are fabulous, I can’t wait to see the yarn.

The colors are beautiful!