It’s Gnome September!

Hello all! I thought I would start the September thread a little early so we could start sharing ideas. :slight_smile:

feel free to post links to patterns or tutorials you have found.

I picked up some Sn’gnome fabric from MSQC I plan to make a rag quilt out of. I have never made a rag quilt but it sounded like fun. :slight_smile: not sure if I will but a batting in the middle, or possibly use a third layer of flannel. We’ll see what I decide when I get started.

I also plan to make a “You Gnome I Love You” quilt. I’ll pick out colors before too long.

I looked at the jelly rolls I picked up after Christmas and set aside for fall making. I thought I had gnomes jelly rolls but it isn’t in my Christmas Bins. I have one more spot to look. We’ll see if I find it or not.

Have you been developing a September plan?

I’m hoping to participate in the Gnome-A-Long! It may be my vacation project.

I bought the Bed Time Gnome pattern a couple years ago and now seems like the best time to use it.

The ears on this gnome are so cute!

@happyfox74 - All of her patterns are adorable! I may need to purchase Gnorma too!

So cute and so many colors to choose from!!

The artists work is so cute. Definitely worth clicking on the link.

@PurlgirlButtons I wonder - are you going to make any gnomey buttons? You make awesome buttons

I noticed the ears too! Super cute pattern.

I hadn’t really thought about that. I did spend the whole morning looking at gnome hats and gnome dolls. I am going to make some for my OCC Shoeboxes (dolls.) Haven’t been doing buttons much lately. My shop has been on an extended vacation while I declutter the house and try to decide if I’m going to continue with it. If you want me to design something, I will take any ideas you have. Clearly, you must have a vision in your head!

I found this GNOMIE CLIPART on ETSY.

Oh, now that is too cute!

I love it! :slight_smile:

So many Gnomes to choose from!!

@PurlgirlButtons - I love the idea of making something for your OCC shoeboxes. I’ve made little knitted toys too. I like the idea of giving them toys that are washable. I made a knitted dog in the past. I’ve never made a little doll. That would be fun to do.

Wow…there are so many options for Gnomes.
Noticed YouTube has lots of how-to videos on gnome making.

I agree, so many patterns, so little time!!

This will hopefully be a fun month. :slight_smile:

Such cute patterns!

My first Gnome for the September Gnome-A-Long. The pattern was called Gnome Baby with Vest. The free pattern from the designer’s website didn’t include the vest, though! This was kind of a trial run, my next one will be made with smaller needles to make it less see-through! It is about 5" tall and will make a nice addition to my OCC Boxes. Also working on some handknit washcloths and will likely add some of my handsewn zipper pouches for pencils, pens, markers, or crayons.I’m using the hashtags #fiberkindgnomealong and #fiberkindgnomeseptember on IG, FB