ISO Pattern - Masks for Kids

Has anyone run across any patterns to make superhero type masks for kids? DGS has requested that I make him one, and if that sweet boy asks me for something he gets it. ;p

I’m guessing that there aren’t a lot available due to character trademarks. However, you could try taking a plain balaclava pattern and customizing it. I wish I could be more helpful.

Found this site. Maybe some of the photos will inspire you:

These are awesome! I already have two of those patterns for him. Thank you so much for finding this site.

@FreedomLover I’m so glad that helped!

I ended up finding a printable template and printing him one on construction paper. He was so pleased with it! He wore it as we drove the grands home and said “Mommy and Daddy won’t know who I am.” I’ll figure out a way to make him a more permanent one to surprise him with in the future.