Is it just me? I'm excited about knitting again

Ever since the unravled forums started, I noticed I’m excited about knitting again. I don’t have anyone to talk about it with in real life and I had quit going to the former site except to ask a technical question now and then. I didn’t really participate.

Now I’ve got a que filling up again, I bought 4 patterns in the last week and I’ve been knitting so much I’ve had to enforce breaks. I finished two pairs of birthday socks for my sister, I’m working on a self designed vest for DH out of shetland wool from the UK and I went through my stash to plan the next project after that.


Is it just me? There’s a great vibe here and it’s catching!

Not just you. I’m excited to see how much this site is growing and so happy to be a part of it from the ground up. I can’t wait to see the new features that will be coming. I have done more spinning and knitting in the last few weeks, the excitement is definately contagious!

@runner5 Hearing this makes me so happy, you have no idea! I’m so glad you’re here and got your knitting mojo back. :slight_smile:

SO agree​:heart: I love the vibe of acceptance and kindness and I have been on line everyday since discovering OurUnraveled. I felt a bit like a war refugee there for a few days and finding my way here has had a similar effect on me as you describe…LET’S KNIT!!! (Or craft!):slight_smile:

In the last few weeks, I have knit a shawl (finished it), joined #spindefleece2019 (have 2 skeins completed from that), built a DIY triangle loom and woven a shawl on that, and have 2 more knitted patterns that I have purchased that I want to cast on…just trying to decide which one first. The fiber mojo is definately back.

This thread gives me the happies, it really helps offset some of the more challenging moments and makes it feel worth the effort.

I’ve been itching to knit something for over a week - had two young grandsons here and was impossible to begin anything new, so yes, excited about knitting again! Since leaving “elsewhere” where I had a list of Favorites a mile long (so many I couldn’t make any decision at all) I’m excited to go through my knitting books and patterns that are sitting in the cupboard again and see what strikes my fancy.

I’ve been inspired to try new things lately and I’m determined to take more risks with my knitting. I love being involved daily in the community with this forum, it just feels so welcoming in contrast to the R forums or Reddit, where I either didn’t get responses to posts or they were snarky and unhelpful. I think everyone here is just so excited and loves their craft so much and it show.

same for me as well. I had looked through the discussions at R but never found all these fun groups I am learning about. The MALs are so much fun and Harry Potter - need I say more? This is just all-around an exciting time to be crafty.

You’re in good company, runner5. My knitting projects have been on pause since May at least. The recent drama reminded me why I love to knit and I’m making time to work on my projects.

Oh yeah!! I didn’t think it was just me (well it couldn’t just be me - I caught it all from YOU!) I was on an hour long conference call (I’m a real estate agent) and knitted like a mad woman the whole time.

I’m trying to think of the best way to share projects and general knitting knowledge, tips, etc. Do we need a forum for knitting projects? Or should we just put them in our profiles? Also is there a recommended place to share new tips for example?

I’m so happy to be getting to know you all.

I think I fell in love with this place when I read something you wrote about not really wanting to blacklist any vendors but let’s make an effort to share the great ones (at least that’s how I remember it). It was so positive and energetic. I knew I had found my knitting home.

I’ve had the same feeling. I actually have been looking through patterns again, considering learning new techniques, etc. Knitting on the shawl I just started is more fun when I feel like I have a group I’m knitting with. R just left me feeling bad for so long now that I’d forgotten what it felt like. :heart:

Yes! I feel so much better now. At first I was feeling cautious about being here because I was starting to think a lot of knitters are mean people, which is absolutely absurd but it was starting to look that way. I didn’t want to get hurt again. This place has restored my faith in humanity and I’m loving knitting again.

Me too! My knitting mojo is back! Very excited! :smiley:

Me too, me too. Dancing around in circles happy happy happy.
What is so invigorating is the power of positivity. “All ideas welcome, but no bad-mouthing.” What a powerful ideal!

“Bless those who disappoint you; they’re leading you toward a better path.”

Me too! My interest in knitting and crochet have been totally rejuvenated. :slight_smile:

There are “project blogs” people are putting their projects on. :slight_smile:

Under the Our Unraveled banner there are topics to select. If you are using a mobile device you’ll see 3 lines under the banner. Select that and it is an option. Beautiful projects to be seen for sure!

Agreed. I love all of the positive, encouraging, and helpful posts on this website. After cutting ties with R, I was thinking of just going solo. And while I am still a little gun shy, I am loving this website and the people contributing to it. Not sure if I will ever again use a website to store my data (project pages, stash, library, etc…) I am developing my own organizing system now. But still want to share finished projects and see what everyone else is doing too. Thank you ourunraveled for hosting this.

Me too! I didn’t get out much in ‘R’ to socialize but this community is so uplifting! I love seeing everyone’s work :slight_smile: I think I’m at the point where I’m ready to move on to bigger and better things - now if I could just figure out how to create more time for knitting!