So glad to find somewhere I am wanted! Looking forward to browsing your site and hoping to find others who weave.

Welcome to Fiberkind!!! If you need any help let us know. We are still new at this but trying!!!

Welcome and consider the weaver’s handshake extended, you know the one where you see someone wearing a fabric that any weaver feels they must reach out and touch -
FiberKind has both a main Forum for Weaving -

and there is at least one listed in the groups section under “Shuttle Crafts” - they are having a very informative time discussing and working on overshot

And, of course, feel free to start a topic of interest to you in either place

Right now I am working on my Christmas gifts, a series of triangle scarves 3 ft triangle loom since it allows me to apply different “finishing touches”

Welcome @woolycat712 !!

Welcome home @woolycat712 , you are definitely wanted here.


@woolycat712 - Welcome! Besides the specific crafting forums, there are lots of other fun forums to chat in. Be sure to check out the Groups.

Yes, woolycat, you are definitely wanted and appreciated here.
And FreedomLover, what a wonderful tag line: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” Two thumbs up for that!


@woolycat712 Glad you found us! Welcome to the fold!! I am not a weaver, but there are definitely other here who are.

Welcome aboard! Glad you found us. As others have mentioned, this site is a work in progress, but a very happy and growing place.

Welcome!! Always great to have another weaver in our midst!! This is a wonderful place to rest your shuttle!! (When you aren’t using it, of course!)

Welcome! I am not a weaver myself, I knit, sew and crochet, but I am learning a lot about other crafts just by reading posts by those who know about such things, so you never know, maybe one day :slight_smile: The site is still growing, so if you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to speak up - we are all in the same boat here. (By the way, I am in Scotland, not the USA, so if I don’t seem to be answering right away, it is probably the difference in time zones and the need to sleep occasionally, not my bad manners!)

@woolycat712 Welcome. I am sure you will be happy here this site is friendly and supportive - I am in Australia so like @WeeBizzom our time zones differ to the USA.

It can be like a mine field out there! Thank you for the warm welcome!

Welcome @woolycat712 ! Glad you found us and hope you find something you like. There are a lot of great folks on here for sure!


@woolycat712 Welcome!! I’m trying to get caught up here :slight_smile: You are most definitely welcome here and welcome to speak your mind!

A sincere welcome to you. And we don’t discriminate against weavers, either! :slight_smile: ( just a bad joke–I love weavers, I just can’t do it myself)

I bought a three foot triangle and used it while I was recovering from a recent surgery. I have a project started but I can’t remember what it is supposed to be and I can’t find the book I was following. :roll_eyes: Darn pain meds! Thank you for the welcome! I would love to see your finished pieces!