Introducing Knitting Designers

Hi all, I guess I will start this off, I am Kathleen Fields, I design knitting patterns, but… in saying that. I only have a couple published. One is the cabled fringed scarf photo on this thread. I love knitting cables, the more complicated the better. I plan on getting more done, but have discovered that there is only so much time in a day… lol… you can find all my designs on my work in progress website I am excited about meeting designers so we can chat and help each other out with pattern issues etc… <3


Thank-you, Kathleen, for starting this thread. My name is Karen Walker, and I have a variety of patterns as well. At present, they can be found at Heirloomlaceknits on Etsy, but I hope to upload them here in the fullness of time. I would also like to express my appreciation to the couple who took their time and energy to establish this lovely website. Kind regards to all.

I’ve just started designing for myself and I hope to publish in time… I just don’t have much free time and the pattern will need a full re-knit before I feel comfortable sending it off to a tester or giving access as a free pattern perhaps. I really want to participate and offer something to this new community and I love what I made and I think it was such a fun knit that others would enjoy.

Hi Karen, Just looked at your etsy site…what amazing pieces you have! Where do you find the time ? Glad you found the site!

Hi I’m Barb. I would not call myself a designer, but I have started getting into designing some of my own patterns. I have a shawl pattern that I did earlier in the year and had posted on Raverly. I did make it available on the previous version of this site. I am planning on making more designs in the future, just right now finding the time for everything can be difficult.

Wow, Karen, your designs are just incredible!

Hello! My name is Diana Edstrom and I have been knitting for about 20 years.

I started designing patterns a few years ago after taking a great Craftsy/Blueprint class Lace Shawl Design. Once I took that class, I realized that I needed to understand how to craft a well-written pattern so I took another class How to Say It.

Since that time, I have published five patterns including 2 shawls, I Cowl, 1 Scarf and 1 Sock.

I enjoy the designing process and seem to constantly be thinking of what I can create next.

You can find my designs in my Etsy Shop as well as on my Website

We have a ranch in Colorado where we raise a herd of 33 alpacas, whose fleece we have turned in to yarn which I hand dye…you can find our yarn on my Etsy site as well.

Happy trails,


Thank-you very much!

@GenevieveKayKnits Welcome! Thank you for sharing your website, your designs are lovely.

The UFO Support group is having an October Finish-A-Long and the prize will be a pattern of the winner’s choice (I will purchase on their behalf) from our Marketplace or “local” designers. Feel free to post in our Window Shopping thread.…ossible-prizes

Hey, y’all! I’m Keya Kuhn, owner of the Cedar Hill Farm Company yarn brand, and I have been designing knitting patterns professionally for about 10 years. I have had my designs featured on the covers of a few knitting books, I co-authored an e-book of knitting patterns titled South, and I am also featured in the book Wool and Wine: People, Passions, Conversation by John Martin, Jr. You can find my patterns in Knit Picks books, on my website (, on, and on Thanks for checking out my work!

I have several Knit Picks books so I’m sure I must have one of your patterns at least. I LOVE your Bellwether Cardigan. I just wish it was in fingering. I may have to order some DK and buy your pattern. I love simple cardigans and have looked for one with just a little flair (like a cable or something) and yours is it. Let me find yarn. :smiley:

Hi everyone! I’m Jen Toll from the SF Bay Area in Northern California. I’ve been knitting consistently for about 15 years, designing for almost 3 years now, and am a certified knitting instructor through the Craft Yarn Council. You can find my designs on my website and on Lovecrafts, Payhip & R.

Hello and Welcome to FiberKind! Let someone know if you have trouble getting around. Your shawls are very pretty! I hope you will consider doing some test knits in FiberKind. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I haven’t had great luck finding testers in other places, so I definitely will reach out here! :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone. I would like to introduce myself ~ I am an independent knitting designer and pattern writer - with over 450 patterns already published - and more to come !
I love sharing my knitting & crochet patterns with others. And it makes me really happy to know that my designs are being made and enjoyed all over the world :slight_smile:

You will find my patterns (most of them are free) on my blog and on my website

I am looking forward to getting to know you all and to see what you are all busy with. Marianna

Hello and welcome to FiberKind! :slight_smile:

It is an exciting and creative career because you are designing products. Those products are produced for retailers, some small some very large to sell…at a profit.
Badly designed products tend not to sell. Good design sells well. When products do not sell well companies lose money and sometimes go out of business. Therefore knitwear designers are trained for 3 or 4 years to understand all technicalities producing good quality products.

They learn how to source yarns, how to cut and construct garments, how to grade, how to produce production patterns, how to track and predict trends, how to illustrate, how to produce fabric on many types of machines and how to programme machines. Some of these tasks they may not be personally responsible for when they get a job as a Knitwear Designer, it depends on the company, however they are trained to do it non the less.

I might also add the point, Knitwear isn’t just jumpers and cardigans. Sports wear is often knitted, your t shirt… knitted, socks are knitted an awful lot of underwear is knitted, sports shoe uppers are often KNITTED!

Hi! I started designing a year ago and love it. My second design was published by a magazine and I’ve done a couple more since. I found it hard to compete with all the designers and patterns on Ravelry and am hopeful this change will help that. At the moment my designs are not available until I can figure out my next course of action. That’s okay… good things come to those that wait😉

ETA…my patterns are now available on my new website