Introduce Yourself Here

Allow me to be the first to welcome you to FiberKind! If you need any help, please let me know. If you are wondering where to start and get to know several of us, you might check out the Community Events section where we have a Monthly Chatter section where we share whatever we are working on. And of course, we yarnies have needs for a Stashbuster program (I myself am simply there to make everyone else feel good I think LOL).

Grab a cup of whatever you like, and settle in. Again - Welcome to FiberKind.

Welcome to all from Open Ravel. This community was in danger of closing in January until it was saved by our new administrator @Char, and many of us were devastated by the thought it going away. I’m so sorry you’re losing that community and assure you’ll find a very welcoming place here. When we thought we were migrating to Fiberocity someone started a group there for us to congregate, might I suggest doing that here? If there is anything we can do to make this transition easier for you simply ask and we shall do our very best.

Welcome aboard! This is an amazing community!


I have found this site to be a very positive place. A place to share our love for our crafts and to encourage one another to keep going…to keep growing in our knowledge and enjoyment of those crafts.

We have places to help get rid of our stashes…and places where we encourage you to go ahead and purchase that yarn you are craving.
This site has just about everything you need…and what isn’t available yet is being worked on and will be here soon.

The moderators are wonderful. The staff are fantastic. The rest of us are eager to say ‘welcome’ and get to know you a bit better.


I think I am a member at Open Ravel. Somehow my password got messed up and I migrated over here last summer. Anyway, welcome old friends and new friends!

I’m a member at Open Ravel, and sad to see it close down, but of course I understand. It’s been a weird year, and I’m happy if I can find somewhere to connect to other crocheters and knitters. Thanks for the welcome, I confess I feel a bit lost, again.

Welcome, I also am a member of Open Ravel, however I found a home here. Browse a few groups and join the ones which interest you. Feel free to ask questions and join conversations, post pictures of your WIP’s and FO’s we love to see what others are working on. Looking forward to chatting with you.

Thank you, I’d like to feel at home somewhere too! About groups though, is there some way of finding out before which ones are open to strangers/newcomers and which ones are not? Looking forward to chatting with you too, and share some WIP’s (of which I have many more than FO’s).

Go to the Groups tab, click on a group you might be interested in it will tell you if the group is open to join and a little about the group and the topics discussed.

I’ve just popped over from OpenRavel. I was a bit of an intermittent visitor there but enjoyed being able to chat when I had time. Someone on there (Knitterlady13 - I don’t know if she’s on here now?) recommended Airtable as a means of recording your projects and that was worth joining for alone! That’s the great thing about forums like these. Thank you for thinking of the Open Ravel community and being so friendly. I’m time poor but look forward to joining in when I get the chance.

Welcome to FiberKind! We welcome whatever crafty internet time you have. @knitterlady13 is a member here. :-). She pops in quite a bit. What are your favorite crafts??? One of our favorite places to get to know us is the monthly community chatter. I look. Forward to getting to know you!

@JJXB Welcome to Fiberkind!

Welcome to Fiberkind. Join when you can and we would love to see what you are working on.

@JJXB We’re glad you’ve joined us! Spend a minute or two when you have time and share your crafts. We love to see new things!

I was a sporadic member of Open Ravel. I’m sorry it see it go. Thanks for accepting me here!

Welcome to Fiberkind!

Glad you’re here.

Thanks Kathy7661 and Hellokitten !!

Welcome to Fiberkind,

I am glad you found us! I look forward to getting to know you and your crafts :slight_smile: