Introduce Yourself Designer

Hi Everyone! Let’s Use this Thread to introduce ourselves and what kind of crochet we design.
My name is Kathleen Fields I am a crochet pattern designer. I have crocheted for well over 40 years and decided a couple of years ago to try and get my own designs written down properly and published to sell. I specialize in Tunisian and Filet. I love them both, although my Tunisian patterns can also be done using single or half double crochet if preferred. I am excited to be able to chat with other designers and be able to have a place to chat with other designers about issues with a stitch or pattern or design or whatever… :slight_smile:

Well TEHCNICALLY I’m not the crochet designer, my partner Jeananne is, but we are and Jeananne is working hard creating patterns for crochet that aren’t your average granny square or virus shawl :wink:

Hi there! I’m S D McDaniel of Creative Craftopia! I’ve been crocheting for over 40 years now, but I got into pattern design about a year ago. I currently have two patterns, a baby blanket and a set of hand warmers. I’m currently working on a second blanket, and what I’m calling an infinity shawl.

What do I specialize in? Scarf/hat combos, I guess… but what I really ‘specialize’ in, is using crochet stitches in a new and different way. For example, my first blanket, what I called the Clustershell Trellis, uses the dc2tog to create a shell. The new blanket I’m working on, my Diamond Mesh blanket, combines the V stitch with the Dc2tog to form a unique mesh. I have a couple of other stitches and stitch patterns in the back of my head that I want to try out when I get a chance.

I do have an etsy shop, CreativeCraftopia (all one word). And I look forward to the market place opening up soon. I don’t have a website, yet… but that’s also in the works!

Hi there, I’m Sharon and have been a designer for about 9 years, but crocheting for much longer. My designs have mostly been published through books, magazines and yarn companies and my portfolio can be seen at I hope to begin self-publishing soon and join the Marketplace as a seller, especially since the rights to many of my designs have now reverted back to me. It’s so nice to be a part of Our Unraveled and I look forward to getting to know everyone. [HR][/HR]

Hi everyone! I’m Michele. Gee, don’t we all sound like we’re members of a YA or yarnaholics support group. :smiley:

I do a lot of yarn doodling. Some becomes a single project my family enjoys. Others become written patterns that I use for my own endeavors or that I share on my site For the most part, my published patterns are for crochet beginners. I’ve done several doilies that look amazing but don’t require weaving in 1,000 ends or tons of counting stitches - i.e. great binge movie projects. But, hopefully, they’re interesting enough that crocheters never reach that “yech, just wanna get this stupid thing done; I’m so over it already” point.

Thanks for these links. Lovely patterns.

The UFO Support Group is having an October Finish-A-Long and the prize will be the winner’s choice of pattern (I will purchase on their behalf) from our Marketplace or one of our “local” designers. Feel free to post in our Window Shopping thread.…ossible-prizes

Greetings to all: I am Casey with KnitPal. Would that be OK if I introduce myself since I work with designers? I hand dye college-themed color yarn. I will be happy to provide you with yarn support if you intend to create a team spirit patten. My website is Thank you.