Interchangeable Needles

This was something that frequently came up on “the other site”, so I thought I’d start the topic here for anyone who might be considering buying a new set of interchangeable needles. For those that use interchangeables, what is your favorite set and what do you like about them?

I’ll get the ball rolling. I’ve tried just about every needle there is to try. My favorite needles are my Dyakcraft Nickel Plated needles (or the black nickel…both knit the same). I have both types of cables, but far prefer the coated wire cables. I love them because the cable is flexible and doesn’t curl/have memory. The joins are exceptionally smooth an the tips are sharp/pointy but not too stabby. I don’t use wood very often, but I’d say my second favorites are my Dyakcraft Darn Pretties for when I’m using very slippery yarn.

ETA: I also like that the joins stay put. My knitting style tends to unscrew needles, but the Dyakcraft needles really do stay together very well.

I have Chiaogoo interchangeable needles and absolutely love them!! The cables are nice, the tips don’t bend in my hand (even the 000). As long as I use the pin I don’t have issues with them staying together.

Disclaimer: I do not like metal needles

I have 3 different types. My first set was the Denise Interchangeable needle set. Adequate, but not great. They do have pretty nice tips. Second set was Hiya Hiya Bamboo. I like them just okay, but I have never bonded with them. My latest set is the Lykke Indigo Set. I love these! I think I have finally got the best set for me. The tips could be a little pointier, but they work well for me. They are so smooth, and the cable join is smooth as well. And they are just pretty.

I like my dyakraft too, altho they are expensive. Unfortunately I just heard, in another forum, about Indian Lake Artisans hexagonal needles, also expensive, but an interesting concept on comfort . Anyone have experience with these?

I agree! I have the indigo set also, and find that I’m using them more and more in place of my Chiaogoos, which are my favorite metal needle set.

My favorite wooden interchangeable needles are Lykke and my favorite metal needles are Chiaogoo. I really like the cords on the Chiaogoo.

Another wooden needle fan here. My absolute favorite interchangeables are my 3.5” Dyakcraft Darn Pretty sets. I have a few extra tips that I should post to sell because they aren’t getting used. The Dyaks make a really great quality product.

I have the Knitter’s Pride Nova Platinas and the Knitter’s Pride Dreamz. The Novas nickel plated and are very smooth and very fast, for me, anyway. The Dreamz are wood, but they move really smoothly. They are me short set for 16" projects. I do everything on circulars, as my wrist is very sensitive to the weight on straight needles. Both sets are pretty good quality for the price. If you’re not sure you would like a set of circulars, they could be a good place to start.

Has anyone tried the Knit Picks Square Wood interchangeable set? I hear the shape can be better if you have issues with your hands or wrists.

I started with Hiya Hiya sharps; loved them so much I had to add to my collection and get the larger set. I have a set of their bamboo, but like another, never really bonded with them. Although the join is very smooth on these needles, over the years I have found the ends of the blue cable have become a little bit snaggy on my project. Also, the cable can be annoying to control when starting a project. Recently, I purchased a set of ChiaGoo lace tips and am in love with the no-kink cables. I only wish the ChiaGoos were as easy to read as the Hiya Hiyas.

The first pair of interchangable needles I got was a set from Michaels. I don’t even remember what the brand was, one of the cheaper brands. I really disliked them, the joins were not smooth, they had a tendency to loosen while I was knitting. Earlier this year I decided to treat myself to a nicer set of needles on got a full set of the Chiagoos both steel and bamboo tips (sizes US 2- US 15). I fell in love with both sets, smooth joins, sharp tips which are wonderful for me since I tend to do a lot of lace knitting, and the cables on both sets are nice. I recently got a set of the chiagoo minis that have sizes (000 US to 1.5 US). I am currently knitting a pair of socks with my minis using magic loop. I have been thinking about trying out some other sets just haven’t decided which yet, they would need to have at least sizes 2-8 since those are the most common sizes I use along with having sizes below a US2 being a bonus since I do use those sometimes. The other thing I have been thinking about is getting a set of the knitters pride ginger double points, the set has a nice range of sizes, and would work for sock knitting, knitting sleeves and crowns of hats and such.

@muddyroxpottery Yes…the Indian Lake Artisans needles are really nice. I bought a set last year and what I liked best about them was the shape. I never liked square needles because they hurt my fingertips, but the hexagonal needles are really comfortable to hold. I ended up destashing my set a couple of weeks ago, but only because I far prefer metal needles and the ILA needles weren’t getting used very much. One other thing that is nice about those is that they are very light weight, so anyone who has trouble with their hands and prefers a light weight needle might really love them.

Just recently Indian Lake released a set of laminated birch needles. I’d love to try those because I do love my birch Dyakcrafts. LOL! I don’t need any more needles. I have 4 sets of Dyakcraft needles and 2 sets of Signature needles (from when they still made fixed needles) and a couple of other sets also. I really do live a clutter-free life except for my knitting supplies. :wink:

@Duellingneedles If you’re considering square needles, I’d suggest buying one to try first. I bought some square needles a few years ago and really really wanted to love them because they do make nice, even stitches. However, the edges of the needles really hurt my fingertips. Lots of people love them, but I couldn’t use them for more than a few minutes at a time. I tried both wood and metal.

I just got the short and regular square set. I was having wrist pain and wanted to try something different. I like them fine, but also bought a few Prym needles that are triangle. But I’m interested in checking out the Indianlakeartisan needles down the line

You are right about Chiaogoo cables! I have a 9 in circular one for knitting socks, and those cables are the absolute best! Glad to hear I am not the only fan of Lykke needles too!

Thanks! I will remember that when I am ready to try something different.

Very helpful comment - thank you! I have 4 sets of dyakraft too - eek! And a lovely Grace’s Cases to store them!

@muddyroxpottery I have all of my sets in their original Dyak cases, but it might be time to consolidate. I need at least one new case anyway.

My first interchangeable needles were HiyaHiya bamboos. I was just getting back into knitting seriously, and tended to do projects with heavier yarns. I did like them at the time, but once I tried a couple of HiyaHiya sharps I was hooked on metal needles. I now have an interchangeable set of those as well. I then discovered ChiaoGoo needles, and of course, I fell in love and “needed” a set of those. I knit almost exclusively with my ChiaoGoos now, and love the red cables a bit better than the HiyaHiyas. That said, I recently knitted a pair of socks. My version of two-at-a-time is to have one sock on each circular needle (I knit magic loop) and alternate back and forth between the two socks. I had one sock on a ChiaoGoo and one on the same size HiyaHiya. It worked out great…results were identical. I do agree with the comments above about poking holes in my fingers with the sharp points (both brands), but I love knitting with them so my fingers will just have to deal with it!:wink: