Inkle, Card, Band and Backstrap Weaving

Let’s discuss inkle weaving, card or tablet weaving, backstrap weaving and all kinds of band weaving here. Please post photos, so we can see your beautiful work!

I’ll kick it off. I’m reposting my post about the Krokbragd band I’m weaving on my Gilmore Mini-Wave. As much as I love this band, I need to get it finished and put something else on!


Fresh off the mini inkle loom.


Yay!! Looking really good!

Thank you, @DebbiRYarn ! I already have it warped again with a 7 pattern thread band with decorative borders from the new book I got ! I am loving this little handy loom.

Here is what I just started working on. Pattern is from my new book, Weaving Patterned Bands.
This is a 7 thread pattern with fancy border for interest.

@1mowmow, wow, thank you! I am enjoying her book though. Doing these is kind of like working a puzzle.

Very pretty!!

Thank you, @Kathy7661

Soo pretty. Purple goes with everything.

hi! so glad to see an inkle forum. I recently entered a piece in the senior arts show and won for heritage crafts. It was the first year I entered my weaving.


Wow! Congratulations!! Love your band!

Yay! Congratulations!

Finished my band and made a guitar strap.



That is awesome!!!

@yarnforall Thank you!

That is beautiful. Your weaving is great.

That’s a beautiful piece. Congrats and thanks for sharing.

@Bettymo Thank you!

Do you mind sharing the details? Yarn, #of threads, width?