If you are wondering where I am ...

… I am in the local library typing this. I am phoneless and wifi-less at the moment. I am trying to change suppliers. First the old supplier switched off too soon, then I screeched at them (down a very expensive, pay-as-you-go mobile/cell phone because I had no landline) then they switched it back on, then they switched it off again, correctly this time, then the new supplier didn’t switch on, then they were going to within a couple of hours, then they realised they had not sent me the router, then there was another problem … and on, and on, and on. I keep getting calls on the mobile from the new supplier saying they have sent me an email to update me. I have pointed out that I can’t read emails because I have no internet connection, but no, they keep saying they have sent them. Eejits!! Anyway, I have not been on OU for some time and goodness knows when I will be back, but I promise I am thinking of you!

P.S. Support your local libraries. I don’t know where I would be without their public-access computers, or their café. I shall now go and get some of their nice, free books, have a nice (not so free) cup of tea and go home.

As a library assistant I will say “Your Welcome”

Hope you get your carrier straightened out.

“hugs” how annoying.
We recently ran into coverage issues, but with our kids phones. they had a plan that was basically free, but first last week they stopped providing service to one of their phones, because it was too outdated, well I’m not buying him a new phone… then over the weekend we got word that they are also stopping their partnership with the tower company my other son’s phone is locked to… so now we are having to drop them altogether and actually pay for service… lol I guess I’m just glad we didn’t really have to pay much of anything besides buying the phones for the past year or 2.

Eejits indeed. They promise speed up to 20 mb, get 10, talk on landline too long and get cut off, reminding you have used up your free minutes… Anyway, hope to see you back soon.

Thank you, everyone, for your sympathy. An update: the router never arrived, the internet supplier blamed Royal Mail, but they sent another one out very, very quickly, which makes me suspect that they never sent the first one. Anyway, I went out to the shops this morning, came back and found a card from Royal Mail saying they had tried to deliver a parcel but I was out. It stated quite clearly “You were out” as if I didn’t know that! I now have to get a bus to the sorting office tomorrow to collect it, because if I use the automated service it will take “two working days” but as it is now Thursday evening and the weekend is coming up, that will be Tuesday. The postman will deliver letters and other parcels tomorrow (Friday), Saturday and Monday, but the parcel will lie in the sorting office until Tuesday because the computer says so - seriously, it has happened before. If this is the progress of modern technology, I want to go back to the Stone Age :rolleyes:

Enough of my moans and groans. I am still grateful for the library and I will be back on OU as soon as I can. Love to all :slight_smile:

I’m back - hurray, hurrah and hallelujah! I collected the router from the sorting office, then went to the library to read, and print, the email with the instructions on how to set it up (I know, I know - big, big eye roll!). Thank you, everyone, for your sympathy.

I changed my internet and phone supplier because I was on a bit of an economy drive, and I was also going to change my gas and electricity suppliers too, but after all this palaver, I may just wait a little bit longer - well, unless some wonderful deal jumps up and shouts “Me, me me!” :wink:

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Glad to have you back (from a fellow WB!)

Thank you. Bizzoms of the world (big and wee) unite!

Welcome back! I missed you.

Those phone companies are insane. Years ago the cable company accidentally shut our phone off. I had an awful time getting someone to come out. After a week we called from the office to inquire what was going on. The girl insisted they had called us repeatedly to schedule, but we didn’t answer the phone. What!!!
My husband said, " What part of The Phone Doesn’t Work do you not understand? "

@Hellokitten Thank you, it’s good to be back among the sane people :wink:

That says it all, really. I was beginning to wonder if it was just me, but no, it’s not, thank goodness :slight_smile:

Years ago we could call out but couldn’t receive calls, people were telling us they were calling and calling and we weren’t answering. We had neighbors call us and sure enough the phone never rang. I reported this to the phone company, they set up one of those appointments where they’ll be there between 8 am and 6 pm, so I stayed home all day and no one showed up. The next day I called the phone company and they said a tech had brought up our line and found a dial tone, so cancelled the appointment. I asked why no one had told me the appointment had been cancelled, and she said they’d tried over and over again to call.

They must have to take a special test to.work at the phone company!

And it ain’t the Mensa one!

I’d be tempted to put quotations marks around “special.”

You all are cracking me up!

Yes, it’s funny now.

A sense of humor is what keeps us sane.

We moved into a house in a brand new neighborhood a bit out into the country. Initially the cell phone service was horrid. We could hear the phone ring but we couldn’t keep a connection to answer the darn thing… The empty lot across the street had a tall pile of dirt, maybe 10 feet high. We discovered if we climbed up on the dirt pile we could get phone reception…We were having loads of trouble with the builder at the time and he would rarely return our calls, but when he did call my hubby would grab the phone, race out the front door and try to get to the top of that blasted pile of dirt across the street in time to answer the call. I would venture a guess that he was successful about 20% of the time. I shall not repeat what he had to say on the matter…