I am attempting to setup my blog. I want to upload images from my computer for the blog icon but it keeps telling me “You cannot use Channel Icons”. I don’t know if I need to reformat, resize or what. Assistance appreciated. Thanks!

What type of a file is the icon you are trying to upload?

its a jpeg

Hmmm…when I googled what a channel icon was it sounded like

Hmmm…if you want to email it to me I can take a look and see if I see anything odd with it. diana@rollingeranch.com

Definitely weird. I was able to upload it to a post and don’t see anything odd with the pic itself. Did you upload it from somewhere on the web. Have you looked at it’s properties? Can you add it to a post. Have you tried clearing your cache? Can you add a different pic as your icon? That’s all I can think of right now.

I was just able to upload your pic as my blog icon without any trouble. Try the cache thing and let me know what happens.

Thanks Diana–
I had d/l’d it from the web. But I did some reformatting and it worked fine on other applications. I will try another image to see if its a bug on my part or something else. I am using an old, old laptop and it could be anything.

Ah…and yes, it definitely could be anything

I just resent you your pic in email as a png…see if it works.

@Cherylb I had the same problem when I uploaded my icon. The only way I got it to work was to make it much much smaller - a smaller file than my avatar.

I think I have found a solution.

I went ahead and set up my blog without an image. I then edited and uploaded the same image. I needed to reduce it slightly but it uploaded with no problems after I did. I hope this helps anyone who has this issue in the future.

Hi! Thank you for this solution – it worked for me!