I think I created a new pattern stitch... but what should I call it?!?

I’m working up a new pattern for an Autumn stash buster Poncho. And I think I have come up with a new pattern stitch. It looks similar to the waffle stitch, but it’s definitely different. It utilizes hdc’s, dc2tog’s (dc decrease) and fpdc2tog’s, which to my knowledge, no one has ever done before. Here is a swatch of the fabric I made using this stitch pattern.

As you can see, it sort of looks like the waffle stitch… but it’s thicker, because those are fpdc2tog’s. It makes a thick, squishy fabric that would be great for sweaters, ponchos (like the one I’m making), and possibly even blankets.

What I’m trying to figure out… is what to call this pattern stitch. Obviously, it’s not the waffle stitch, it’s too thick. Anyone have any suggestions as to what to call it?


Belgian waffle stitch? Waffle clusters? Cluster waffle stitch?

For pattern-writing purposes it doesn’t really need a name, but if you want to post tutorials, a specific name can be fun to have. It does look nice and squishy. :slight_smile:

I’m not good at naming things, however it looks like a beautiful texture to make a nice warm scarf or cowl for the winter. Looking forward to seeing the stash buster Poncho.

The Belgian Waffle? I think my husband actually mentioned the Belgian Waffle… I like it! The funniest thing about this stitch… is that it looks like the clusters are sitting on top of each other… but they aren’t. It’s made by alternating the cluster, with the hdc, and when you and the fpdc2tog’s are posting around the hdcs in each row, and the hdc is worked in the top of the cluster… so they are actually alternating… but they look like they are stacking. And it has a really good stretch. So this stitch turns yarn into elastic, sort of. :slight_smile:

That is beautiful! I’m curious…what does it look like on the back? Is it reversible?

The stitches look like little tornadoes to me. Maybe the “cyclone” stitch.

yes, it is reversible. it’s a 2 row repeat. I’m thinking of calling it the Belgian Waffle stitch, since it looks so similar to the waffle stitch.

Whatever you call it, I’m very intrigued and look forward to obtaining the official instructions.

Without seeing the exact instructions, it is not really possible to say if it is a “new” or “parallel” development of an existing stitch. The appearance reminds me of something from either the “bullion” stitch “craze” or something I have seen in Tunisian or it may have been in one my very old Leisure Arts publications that had like 50 or 60 stitch pattern instruction.

Either way =it is a great texture = of course what will make it truly yours is if both your text and pictorial step-outs are unique - but mostly I would suggest waiting until you have decided how to use it in a complete pattern and use some romance language in the pattern description to tell “your story” of how you made this lovely almost Belgian Waffle texture variation",

from a publishing perspective, I would be leary of claiming you invented it, no matter how unique the combination seems, - simply because I have seen too much grief over someone who may have something vaguely or extremely similar and will feel it incumbent to chastise you for your presumption.

Far better to be a bit humble and take advantage of the opportunity to “share your story”

as with all advice, ti may only have the value of the amount paid,
so feel free to adopt, adapt or ignore as suits your inclination

Enjoy the Making.


P.S. I am NOT asking for the exact stitch pattern instructions - that is something that should be kept confidential with your testers and in your publication - if for not other reason than too many projects on my plate to dig out that case of stitch pattern books and find what I am “remember”

This post is making me hungry…is it better with maple syrup or whipped cream and chocolate sauce? And, I am not a crocheter, but it is lovely…congrats on your creation :slight_smile:

now those would making interesting colorways -

@wheat hadn’t thought of that but sounds good to me!

wheat, oh, I understand completely what you are saying, and you are absolutely correct! I don’t want to step on someone’s toes, thinking I’ve come up with something someone else has.

I have a lot of those Leisure Arts books myself! I use them as reference books a lot of time. I have almost all of the little books, like for making scarves and hats, making stuffed animals, making baby blankets… plus I have the 2 that have crochet stitches, and Tunisian crochet stitches. I use them for pattern inspiration, when I need to make something, and don’t know what stitch I want to use. This one isn’t in any of those…

actually, CherylDeeCrochet, I think you’re right… they do look like little tornadoes. Also, I realized after I’d crocheted a few rows, that it is actually creating a 3D affect. So I’ve decided to call it the 3D Cyclone stitch. It will make its debut in my Painted Dreams Poncho.

You wrote: “So I’ve decided to call it the 3D Cyclone stitch. It will make its debut in my Painted Dreams Poncho.”

My response: AWESOME!!! I’m so excited that I helped name your new baby!!! Please let us know when you release your pattern.

maybe when I finish writing the pattern, you would be willing to help test it?

I would love to, if I can. However, I’m in the middle of several big life changes right now and I’m not sure I would be able to give your design the attention it deserves. But, at least I would be interested in following the test thread, if you’d allow that.