I’m in trouble now!☺️ (Again)

Since my habit of browsing certain knitting pages was suddenly and harshly terminated some time ago, I have been able to actually get some things done around the home… and here I am again! I can see I’ll be getting back into my old habits.

I actually thought I had joined in the beginning, but because of having to travel much of 2018 and 19 due to my mom being in hospitals and her passing, I guess I just forgot about everything else. Being able to knit during that time sure helped calm me and fill up long hours.

I saw the post on fb about people not checking in often and remembered, so here I am! I am glad to see something going where I can once again check on others projects etc. I like to see what something looks like done in my choice of yarn!

This is a copy of what I put in my biography: Born in beautiful “Almost Heaven” West Virginia, moved to the Andes mountains of country of Ecuador in 1969, and then to the flat, dry Texas Panhandle in 1978. I love crafts of all kinds, having grown up in countries that are rich in fiber arts. I pretty much self taught a sort of knitting as I had no access to any books at 15…made a purse and quit. (Ive since found out I was backward knitting)

A few years ago after having done crochet for some years, I determined and challenged myself to learn real knitting. As I was sitting with my husband for hours in waiting rooms and a surgery, the knitting helped me to concentrate on something other than possible outcomes. (which turned out great as he is still doing well, by the grace of God, 5 yrs later!)
I really love knitting and am still learning…and well we should keep learning all the time!

I look forward to checking out everything here! (I apologize for the length of my post.)

Welcome Neva! I’m glad you reconnected here with us. I’m truly sorry about your mother. I lost mine 20 years ago and it is always difficult. This is a growing site full of so many kind people.

Thank you.
I look forward to getting connected again!

Hi! Welcome to FiberKind. We are definitely happy you are here. Please feel free to join in anywhere that suits you. We are quite the friendly bunch so if you have troubles give a shout.

Welcome @Neva! I actually learned to crochet because of my Mom’s passing so completely understand the need for focus while waiting in hospital rooms. Check out the groups as well, there are many depending on your interests. We’re glad to have you here!

@neva.limones@gmail.com Welcome to Fiberkind. Looking forward to seeing you around the site and watching what you create.

Hi Neva! Glad you found Fiberkind!

I’m from West “By God” Virginia as well. You can take the girl out of West Virginia but you can’t take the West Virginia out of the girl.

I think you will find the camaraderie here to your liking.