I Love a Mystery

I’m really missing the Delicious Death group from Over There (Agatha Christie fans, we did RALs with themed knitting and crochet pattern suggestions). Is anyone interested in joining a group for lovers of mystery stories, not just Christie ones, to do something similar? if so, comment here and if there’s enough interest I’ll set one up.

I wasn’t in the group before, but you’d be hard pressed to find a bigger fan of Dame Agatha than me. I also like to watch British mystery shows like Foyle’s War, Endeavor, Midsomer Murders … Put me down as interested.

[SIZE=12px]Please also include me on the list. I like them all, except the really violent ones. A woman getting brutally raped in the first couple of pages is a no.


There’s no worry about that happening in an Agatha Christie.

Edit: I see the OP says other writers might be included.

Count me in!!

It sounds like fun!

Can we listen to audio books while we craft? Lol.

I could be interested.

@Lemming13 I’m in!

love the idea.

I really love a good mystery. @patty I agree I do not like graphic violence, my imagination works just fine. I’ve been binging on cozy mystery books.

@Char I love to listen to audiobooks while I craft. I think audiobooks should definitely “count”. :wink:

I love a good mystery. My favorite is the cozy genre but right now I’m working through Golden Age detectives. I’m on my second Dorothy Sayers and I must say I’m loving me some Lord Peter Whimsy. I tend to get on reading binges. I took my sister to see Holmes and Watson last summer and that started a Sherlock binge. And last September my niece and I saw the Mousetrap which started a Christie binge. I usually listen to audio-books in the car so I can avoid politics and political advertisements. At home I support local libraries by downloading ebooks-for free!

Sounds good to me. I wasn’t in the group on That Other Place, so I am not entirely sure whether this is the one for me, but I am definitely interested. :slight_smile:

I’m interested!

My local library has a pretty limited selection and it is hard to get newer releases, but the older books, like Christie, Sayers, Chesterton and Doyle might be accessible.

Sounds interesting!

I would be interested. I like mysteries of the the Jessica Fletcher variety, nothing too gory.

I would be interested, too. I love mysteries. This sounds like fun.

Don’t worry, I’m thinking more “cosy” mysteries - though I’m also a horror fan I do prefer my mysteries more genteel than graphic.

Goodness me! I haven’t been in for a few days, real life got in the way, but I never expected so much interest! I’ll set up the group right away, and we can get cracking on a reading list. And yes, audiobooks definitely count - and I don’t see why we can’t throw in radio dramatisations, movie or tv versions (I am always interested to see how those match up with the books). Look on the groups list for I Love a Mystery!

Does your library by chance do “Overdrive”? You might check it out or if a reciprocal library has it. :slight_smile: