I guess we lost the thread form the "other" site.

Ladies and gentleman, let’s start over!
Don’t be shy! Post pictures of your stash.
I don’t think I will post my messy stash again.
I just post as I add to it. Was going to copy and paste the old thread but it was too big.

Guess we have to start talking and fill it up!

Sadly, all of my stash is in big, plastic bins. Wouldn’t make for very interesting photos, lol.

Same here…LOTS of bins and two 20 cube cubbies…and lots of overflow on those bins. I’m just a skein or two from a full blown hoarder intervention.

Same here…bins, bins and more bins. I like the Sterlite snap lock bins ~ LOL

Mine is too scattered to take nice pictures right now, planning a clean up in the next few weeks after it’s organized and labeled :slight_smile:

I just added to my stash Millefili Spa Alison/Merinus Lace Yarn 80% Merino 20% PA Red blend
8 Cones JaggerSpun Maine Line 4/2/20 100% Wool Garnet Red and
LOT Of Yarn Mostly Zucca, about 80 plus skeins:cool::cool::cool:
Couldn’t resist, all god buys. Might sell some simply b/c It is a lot!


s-l1600 (2).jpg

s-l1600 (1).jpg

My stash is underwhelming by most standards. I have leftovers that are 3-4 times as much as these skeins. We moved twice in two years and downsized so I have been trying to knit only from stash and only buy new for a specific project if there is nothing in my stash.


How do you all categorize your stash? By color, by fiber, by weight? I have tried different methods and haven’t been completely satisfied with any of them.

Weight. I get too frustrated trying to match colors and weight.

My stash is super mess now. But when it was organized, skeins, balls were by colors. From white to black.
Cones were in corners from light to dark too. And boxes had yarn I didn’t care much about.
Now I have yarn in boxes so I can stack it and cones falling over.
I hope to get to it some day again. I hoard yarn for retirement so for now I don’t care what it looks like. I have no time.
I know where most yarn is but it is becoming challenge to get to it!

I like having it by color because when I decide on making something, my first is always what color I want it. Weight I decide after. It could be single yarn or double combined together so it is easier to see what is available in particular color and work with it.

This is part of my stash!:o:o:o

20190701_154256_resized_1 (1).jpg

Plastic bags in Plastic Bins. I am sure someone thinks that over-kill, but I am really afraid of Moths. Most people put theirs into color categories, I am a weight category gal. :slight_smile:

I wish I could plop right smack in the middle of your stash. What fun to see all the goodies you must have. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@sherryglover1 I wish I had knitting buddy! Could sit and play for days in there! I tried few months ago without much progress. Just filling up boxes. It needs to be sorted again.

I am a weighty woman too! lol. My fabric stash is sorted by color, butt it would never have occurred to me to sort my yarn by color. Sorting by weight makes much more sense to this ole brain!

Me too!!! I would love to have a buddy that enjoys what I do! No yarnie friends, no quilting friends…but I do have YOU ALL!!! And that makes me happy.

@dogtrnr You are so sweet. It is true. we are here for each other. I sew too and cook and friends for it either.
Would love to have crafty neighbor or even young girl in the neighborhood to teach some day.

I love my stash. Sadly, it is in plastic boxes, and I can’t see it very well.
Sometimes I unpack it, just so I can admire it spread out on the bed. And the floor. And down the hallway…
It’s awesome when I find skeins I forgot I had! It’s like finding money in the pocket of a coat you haven’t worn in months :wink:

I go and pick up some yarn and bring it in the bedroom-I knit in the bed and play around with some swatching and trying stitches just to see what I come up with and then, I put it all away, back in the stash cave.It is relaxing to play with yarn!