I found something that makes me money

It started few weeks ago when friend of mine said Walmart has yarn on sale. I said I don’t buy Walmart yarn. We did go shopping together and she takes me to the clearance isle. There it was, balls of chenille yarn in red and mustard yellow. 4 bucks each. My mind started spinning, thinking of what I can make but b/c of the colors, I didn’t buy any!
2 days later I had to go get few items and the yarn was still there. I bought all 20 balls thinking I can make those round ottomans. But I didn’t like how it came out. After trying, I decided to make blankets. Now few weeks later, I gave 3 away for gifts, sold 5. The “yarn friend” got one of the red ones as a gift for being an instigator.
I make 50-100 a piece profit, depends on the size, which is not bad for knitting in bed after work. It is about 10 dollars an hour. I am getting the chenille mostly online, it is cheaper! I have purple on order now. Will make some to see if I can sell them on ebay. Will see when I get tired of making them!





Well done, you! We hear so many stories of knitters being underpaid, or people not wanting to pay them at all (“It’s just a hobby, you don’t get paid for that!”), that I am delighted you are making a profit :). Fingers crossed you will sell more.

Good for you stasher!

I blog about making money (it’s not spam I promise but it is a free game I made up). Feel free to check it out https://homemoneygame.wordpress.com/2016/06/30/first-blog-post/

If it gets enough traffic, I hope to offer an interactive spreadsheet for sale (for just a few dollars) where people can add their own deposits as they keep playing and level up. It’s fun to be productive, make some money and see people appreciate our work. I hope your stuff continues to sell well!!

I only make a profit b/c they are fast make. I’m sure it won’t last.

This is interesting but I need to think about how it really works.

I haven’t done a good job communicating it. I know I haven’t because once someone plays the game they get it and they go nuts.

Just saying “it’s not you - it’s really not!”

I have an interactive spreadsheet you are welcome to use. You enter a deposit and then it fills in your progress on a monthly summary sheet. Another tab tells you what level you’re on. As you keep entering deposits, you can see your progress. It’s your job to figure out how to use the money that’s accumulating to make more. I keep getting more ideas but for now, we want to use ours for a down payment on a beach vacation rental.

See why I enjoyed seeing what you are doing? Sales has been my weakest area but I’m learning a lot about better managing money. Games make it fun.