how to see groups on my mobile?

I have every other option available to me except groups - is this a feature or am I just not “getting” it?

Good evening - this is what my mobile looks like when I click the three lines below the FiberKind banner:

can you share a screen shot of what yours looks like?


I’m sorry - I don’t know how to take a screenshot, but I cannot find this view - I don’t see the Fiberkind banner when I login

@sheiskanen you don’t see this at the top of the screen:


no, I don’t

I tried logging out and then back in, but I still don’t see the Fiberkind banner

I’m sorry - I didn’t realize you’d answer so quickly - it’s 3 am here and my husband is calling me to bed… my first screen has the “Activity” with the latest posts

Oh goodness - sleep tight, dear. We’ll try to figure it out in the morning. :slight_smile:

@Char & @Kathy7661 - strangest thing - I removed the application from my phone and now I can see the banner signing in directly to your site - having the Fiberkind application on my phone messed things up…

@sheiskanen - oh, the ap. Yah, the ap didn’t work nearly as well as the mobile site, so even though it is out there, I don’t promote it or recommend it. :slight_smile:

@sheiskanen Oh good, glad you figured it out!

@sheiskanen click the three lines under Fiberkind. :blush:

Geez, I keep doing this today! Sorry @Char

@Kathy7661 -
Please don’t apologize at all! :-). I just happened to be on when she posted. Had I not been, your response would have been welcome. :slight_smile:

thank you both for responding so quickly, but Fiberkind banner is missing from my view when I login

Oops - welcome either way - I hope that didn’t come across poorly. :fk:

@Char Lol, not at all!