How to remove Subscribers?


Through the “Help” feature, I have learned that Subscribers are not just subscribed to receive a copy of my new posts, but are “Subscribed to my profile.” [INDENT]
The “Help” feature says:

“What are Subscribers?[/INDENT]
Subscribers are users that have subscribed to your profile. You will receive a Notification if someone subscribes to you (user settings -> notifications) and you may choose to Accept or Ignore their request to subscribe to your profile. You may also set it up so that you will automatically accept any subscriber’s request in User Settings > Privacy > Subscriber Request > enter a checkmark next to Auto-accept subscriber requests.
As a user, when you manage your Privacy, you may set things on your profile to only be viewable to Subscribers.”
How to remove Subscribers?

Isn’t subscribing kind of like friending? I can’t seem to subscribe to anyone anymore. It doesn’t give the option anymore.

@Bettymo, I have learned that as a person being followed/subscribed to… I cannot remove the follower/subscriber from my profile.
However the person who is following/subscribing to my profile, can choose to Unfollow/Unsubscribe from my profile.

Thank you!