How to Post a Picture

I’m sure I saw instructions somewhere but not sure where to find it now - search didn’t help me. I’ve tried the mountain icon and the camera icon but neither one is working. I am on a laptop with the picture I want to upload on the C: drive.

See post #26 in the thread “Where do you live” perhaps that may help.

@knitter131 and @Whrdiego I did all the same steps as before and was stopped at needing an URL so I closed out. Went to the original post where I tried again (thanks to @Admin for getting the recall of a deleted post possibility) and did the Preview of post and still not there, so I made a comment about not being able to post the picture (Grandparents Group) and lo and behold, when I posted, the picture was there. Still don’t know what I did.

I was able to add a photo on the media part of my profile. but I still can’t figure out how to add a url like to Instagram other than just having it as a clickable link, the insert image thing just tells me I’m not using a url… I used a photo from my harddrive so not an url on my media section, that is how I got that to work, and it had to be in the upload part not the insert image part.

Try this, (i am using desktop


Click on Camera Icon
Scroll down below the emoticons
follow prompts


I used upload for the above and selected an image from my desktop =
it works wither in regular or advanced edit mode
in forums or groups
have not tried it in blog

For the curious, I use that image to explain the minimum 5 D nature of “shaped beads”

Just did that - thanks!


I tried this but didn’t see any emoticons to scroll passed.

I did it!! After choosing the photo icon, I chose “upload”, choose the image then click on “send to server”. I was missing that step before.

This was a test…these are “old” hats :wink:


Great question, @annekepoot! I’m watching this for some instructions, as I am also having issues with pictures :thinking:

I primarily use either my phone or ipad

See post #26 in the thread “Where do you live” perhaps that may help.