How old were you?

How old were you when you got your first gray hair? (If it’s too personal, don’t bother to answer. I was only wondering because I found my first one this morning. I’m 23.)

I got mine about then also, I say my DH gave them to me and the kids just added to them! I’m lucky that my hair has gone a nice shade of white so I don’t bother coloring it. I’m in my late 60’s and still have a full head of hair, just white.

I honestly don’t remember my age but I do remember plucking it out.

LOL - I keep hoping I’m blonde enough not to go gray… but if you ask my kids they’ll probably tell you they gave me some of that gray. I don’t think I believe them. :slight_smile:

I was 13! I got odd grey ones in among the brown for the next 20 odd years (and also, weirdly, the occasional very thick black one among my very fine hair). Then I got a big splodge of white. Absolute truth this: I went in to the ICU to watch my 6 year old daughter recovering from open heart surgery with brown hair and maybe three silvery threads. I came out with a big lock of hair at the front of my head pure white. I didn’t even know till another mum asked what happened. So if anyone says someone’s hair went white from fear, don’t be too quick to disbelieve it.

I cannot imagine the anguish of that time.

That must have been a truly terrifying experience. I can’t imagine a gray hair as early as 13, either.

I was 26. I noticed two or three grey hairs in the back after the birth of my first child.
I didn’t get anymore until I was nearly fifty. Once I got into my sixties it changed fast.

The early grey hair was probably triggered by a scalp infection I got from a horsefly bite a few weeks before. The surgery experience was agony, but I was lucky - my girl came out okay and made an amazing recovery, and is today a strong young woman. My heart breaks for those who were not so lucky. I still support a charity run from that hospital to support children and families affected by childhood cardiac illnesses and defects, I’ll never be able to thank them enough.

Hahaha! I was about your age or a little younger. And I still have a full head of brown hair over 10 years later. I find them in the same spots and have just recently decided not to pull or cut them out of curiosity.

Dont stress about them or youll get more! :rofl: