How many stitches to cast on?

For a garter stitch scarf for an 8 year old boy using worsted weight? (using size 8 needles.) Thanks in advance!


@AllTheYarn, a​​​ssuming you get about 5 sts per inch, I would cast on 5 to 7 inches’ worth, so 25 to 35. Unless he likes his scarves really wide, then go up another 5 or 10.

Remember that scarves and young-ish children don’t always mix well. If the end gets caught in something, the scarf can be a choking hazard.

@ilexedits @AllTheYarn - to help with a choking hazard you might consider a keyhole scarf - there are pattern notes by @qfknit that might might assist.

My best tip would be to look at a few child-sized free patterns for an estimate. LoveCrafts has free patterns. Companies like Lion Brand and Red Heart should have child size patterns for free too.