How I am showing my patriotism

First of all, I have nothing to gain for posting these products. But when watching Fox and Friends this morning they had a story about how the owner of Forged (retired military vet that started a company to support vets) was called a White Supremist for wearing the “Don’t Tread on Me Flag” tee shirt called Resurgence. WHAT??? I thought to myself, that just was so wrong. So he and his wife are restocking Resurgence so more people might choose to wear one too. Of course I did, and wanted to show my gratefulness for his courage of standing up to these people and thanking him for his service by supporting his company. If you choose to check it out, read the bottom of the page that tells the story of what I am talking about. AND free shipping in the USA.…15937441005617

The other tee shirt I bought this weekend was after watching Fox Friday morning and Rush Limbaugh was on. Okay he in not everyone’s cup of tea, I get that. But, he is selling a tee shirt and all the profits are given to The Tunnel to Tower Fund for our 911 responders who still need our help. They have shipped out over 200,000 shirts that say Stand Up for Betsy Ross, and have donated over 1.3 million dollars to the fund with only 4 days of selling the shirt. Mine is on back order for a few days, but that is okay. I can’t imagine how much will be donated to this charity by then end of a few week.…y-ross-t-white

Stay cool out there and safe in this heat.

I buy shirts from Grunt Style and Nine Line and my coffee from Black Rifle (all veteran-run) and rock a lot of cool patriotic gear. Also fly my flag 365 days a year ( no HOA to deal with)! :slight_smile:

I just got my cowl from the Deplorable Knitter, but with it being close to the 100’s it will be awhile before I can wear it.

My flag too flies 24/7.

I’ll add to the thread - - owned by an air force veteran in Iowa. Proceeds go to help first responders. Also which is an American owned, patriotic themed company.

Thank you all for the added companies. Will check them out too. I am notorious for getting my Christmas gifts all bought before December, and they sound like a great place to shop too.