How have you changed?

I began knitting when I was about 10 and of course “way back then” all we had were straights. I still have a whole set from 1.00 mm to 13 mm stashed in my closet. I wanted to learn to knit socks so around age 45 I began using DPNs - metal ones were all that could be found. As a sockaholic, I swore by my DPNs and couldn’t fathom using anything else and despite the needle “wars” on R I wasn’t about to give them up. Speed up a few years later and I was now convinced nothing could beat two circulars (never could manage the one long circular) for knitting socks. Recently I’ve begun using one “shorty” circular and think it’s the bees knees. Not sure there is anything left to try for socks but it amuses me to think how adamant I have been on “what’s best” throughout the years. Leads one to think that perhaps being open to experimenting leads to new methods and new ways. How have you changed over the years in terms of your tools and knitting habits?

I started with metal straights as well. Sleeves and hats were done with metal double points.

Somewhere along the line I discovered bamboo/wooden needles and was so relieved. When using the slick metal needles, I tended to crank down on the stitches so that the needle wouldn’t slide out. The wood needles have enough inherent “grab” that they don’t do this.

If I recall correctly my first circulars had plastic tips. I loved the fact that you never lose a needle! Also, learning that one can knit flat using circular needles was quite a revelation.

Now I use wood interchangeables almost exclusively. (Except for very tiny sizes.) I’m very comfortable with double points, and have been known to use several circulars in the same way one would use straight double points.

But some things never change. In the 1980s I knit a whole stack of Icelandic Lopi sweaters. You think that I’d get over it. Nope, still making them!