How do you switch from Mobile View to Desktop?

I’m having trouble navigating to my groups, in another thread it was recommended to switch to desktop. I’ve looked everywhere to find the link to switch, but can’t seem to find any way to switch.


@PassthePeace1 thank you for raising this topic. I use iPhone and there is nothing on my screen I can switch toggle or dropdown to switch to desktop view.

@PassthePeace1 What type of phone are you using? Which browser? In most browsers for Android…Firefox, Chrome, and the native browser…there are either 3 dots or 3 lines in the top right corner of the screen. (May be easier to see in portrait mode.) Tap the dots and there should be an option to view as a desktop site. usually you have to click a checkbox.

@knitterlady13, I’m using Safari on an IPhone.

5xhappy, same here! I’m on an IPhone and can’t find anything to switch.

@PassthePeace1 Here are instructions I found for iPhone and Safari:

Start by pulling up a mobile website on Safari; I’ll be using Wikipedia for this example. Once it’s loaded, tap and hold the refresh icon in the URL bar and you’ll see the option to “Request Desktop Site” at the bottom.

@PassthePeace1 Hi, our navigation bar is at the bottom. In the very middle there is a box with an arrow coming out. Tap that, then choose Request Desktop. Give me a shout if it’s not happening.

@knitterslady13, thanks for taking the time to help! It totally worked!!! It seems to help with the navigation trouble I was having with the groups.

@5xhappy, that still didn’t give me an option, however the above method did…thanks for your help though!!!