HELP! Need some classic looking pattern for man's scarf and hat

Here is the dilemma. I’d love to make a winter scarf and hat for my daughter’s husband. He is traveling a lot due to his professional job. I got Debbie Bliss Rialto lace in dark chocolate brown, very light green and just ordered royal blue. His favorite colors. I’m not sure if the blue will be too strong to go with the green till I get it. I could always get different shade.
I’d love to make something that looks maybe woven and found some patterns (yes on the evil side but designers need money too) and other pattern too.
If anybody has some pattern, could you help? Or any ideas?
Double knit, light fairisle, maybe plaid? Even brioche. I’d like the tube style since the yarn is thin but I think it would look nice with proper pattern.
Here is what I am looking at so far.
Just spend over 5 hours looking. Had one pattern that was among favorites and can’t find it. Searched history and I am stuck.
Any ideas?
Thank you so much!!!

The first one, I’m not sure his chosen colors would clash too much

Or just two colors

Or this one

5179780458 (1).jpg



One thing you can do if you think one color will dominate too much is to adjust the proportions you use of each. Rather than use them all evenly, do your splits like 40/40/20.

The first pic looks like some kind of herringbone stitch. Until I zoomed in on it, I thought it was some kind of tweed stitch, which would work well in three colors. Here’s an example of it from Barbara Walker’s treasuries:

For the second pic, you could change colors among all three fairly easily, using the checkerboard pattern to switch to the next color for the solid block that follows, letting the three colors sort of chase one another.

For the third, well, some men might find it a little, er, frou-frou. :rolleyes: But there are countless stranded patterns out there to choose from, and if you don’t find one that suits, you can always design your own. Depending on his interests or hobbies, you could design a pattern from them.

(Note that “Fair Isle” is a very particular form of stranded knitting, where the foreground/pattern color shades from light to dark to light or from dark to light to dark while the background colors also optionally shade either way. The pic you linked is worked as simple stranded knitting, not as Fair Isle.)

Have you considered two or three colour honeycomb brioche? As you have a lace weight yarn it wouldn’t be bulky, just soft and squishy.

Also check out Lucy Hague’s Bain Scarf

and Lindisfarne pattern for inspiration.


Thank you both for suggestions! I am still looking and so far this one is number one choice.
I think it is nice for a guy and my yarn colors would work good on it. The hat I would double it up and I could use this design on the scarf, at the ends and the small pattern above and below the “stripes” I could repeat few more times. Knit in round too and flattened .This would be fast knit and the looks of it, it could be dressed up or down with long winter coat or shorter parka for weekends. AND if he will not like it, he could give it to may daugher’s son.
Let me know what you think about this pattern.

I think this would work a treat. Not too fussy, but a bit interesting.

@ilexedits I like your reminder that not every stranded knitting is Fair Isle. For example, Armenian knitting and Elsa Schiaparelli designs are stranded but definitely not FI.

I’m assuming you are looking for knit patterns? I write patterns, but not for knitting. I write crochet patterns. I don’t have any scarf/hat patterns yet… but that is next on my agenda, after I finish the poncho I’m working on. One of the things I’m planning to make, is a new scarf and hat for my husband. The one I made him years ago is starting to fall apart. So how soon do you need the pattern?

@SDMcDaniel I’d like to make it by november so I can send it to Europe where my daughter lives. I do crochet too , my bears are crocheted and my daughter and her kids got huge batch of scarfs, hats and couple of throws last year but I want to knit the set for her husband. I love stranded knitting/fairisle and didn’t do much of it so it would be something more or less new to do. I make same old things and I am tired of it.
But I would love to see what you come up with!

I’ll see what I can do!