Help! Finding the right warp yarn question

Hello everyone!

I’ve just received an order of beautiful yarn from colourmart. I got it at a very good price and was hoping it would be great to weave a couple of shawls/scarves with on my rigid heddle loom.

HOWEVER, the yarn doesn’t survive he stretch/pull/tug test (whatever you wish to call it) and breaks quite easily, so now I’m stuck with a few cones of beautiful weft yarn, but don’t have anything to warp it with :(:(:frowning:

The yarn I purchased is 2/9nm fingering weight cashmere/merino and 2/14NM 4ply yak/supergeelong. I haven’t been weaving all that long and and am still trying to understand the numbering system in weaving (I’m a knitter!).

To get a similar thickness in yarn that is also strong enough to use as warp on a RH, what should I be looking for so I can avoid this in future?

I’d greatly appreciate any advice from those more knowledgeable on these sorts of things.


I am not that familiar with all the different yarn weights other than the cotton, I would still try a small sample on you rigid heddle if you think you have enough yarn. Also the type of fiber in the yarn can contribute to it’s strength for warp. All of those fibers are soft wools and not real long staples. It’s not just the thickness but it’s content. A mix of wool and silk is stronger. Lots of people use Jaggerspun Zephyr, not sure I spelled that right. Most fingering sock yarns are suitable but they can also have a bit of nylon in them. I would definitely try a sample. I’ve woven with cotton threads that others said that would never hold up after the tug test and I didn’t have one problem at all on a 4 shaft floor loom. I am a spinner. I’m sorry but I’m not sure that was any help.

Hi, I agree with what @Bettymo said. I’m curious what dents per inch your rigid heddle is. My first scarf project was on a 10-dent rigid heddle. I used Malabrigo Sock for warp, and my own handspun, which was approximately a DK weight, for weft. The weft yarn was more delicate than the warp yarn and the two worked together very well. Since there are so many sock yarns out there, with many colors to harmonize with the yarn you have, it might work out fine. I too am not familiar with the numbering system you mentioned for the yarns you have.

Thanks for both of your replies. I have a 10 dent heddle (Ashford) which I was planning on using. I hear a lot of people use sock yarn, but almost all of the sock yarn I see has 10% nylon in it and I find getting the tension right difficult at the best of times without adding in a stretchy yarn. I might try warping something narrow and see how it holds up, or maybe investigating a merino/silk blend if I can find the right colour. Appreciate your input though :smiley:

I also agree with Bettymo. The nylon in sock yarn is to make the yarn stronger, which is what you want. I’d try both.