Watching Politically Incorrect Knitters episode 12 and found myself here. I am not a knitter. Maybe I can teach myself how to knit in 2021. I am barley a crocheter. I’m just learning how to make anything look acceptable and I’m not giving up. I was happy to see that there are options here for different fiber talents so I wanted to join.
I’m currently in California but moving out of state in 6 months. I am a multi crafter and have lots of works in progress. I cross stitch, work on genealogy, scrapbook and train a very active bitch and hoping to get her into search and rescue training this coming summer.
I’m working on making a blanket for my daughter. I had hoped to finish it for Christmas, but fell short. I’m on my last cake now so it will be finished real soon.
Thank you for letting me join.

Welcome!! I am also a crocheter and am currently learning how to Tunisian crochet and loving it. Looking forward to seeing your WIP’s and FO.

Welcome! I look forward to seeing your finished blanket. We are good encouragers. Hopefully, we can get you into knitting too.

Hello, Joxgirl! You have an interesting set of hobbies there; I’d love to see pics of your canine friend. This is a very friendly, helpful site, so whatever you want to do I’m sure you’ll get plenty of support and advice here. Welcome!

Thank you everyone


Beautiful dog!

She’s lovely!

What a cutie!!

Welcome @Joxgirl ! This is a lovely community, I hope you find yourself at home. The GSD Lovers Group has been quiet for a while but we love to hear about everyone’s pups.

German Shepherd Lovers - Fiberkind

Lovely bitch you’ve got there, Joxgirl. I used to raise Weimaraners; for field work and just great all-around house canine, I’d pick a bitch every time. More tractable than a dog, imho.

I joined yesterday after watching episode 12 of the Politically Incorrect Knitters as well! This is actually my first post. :slight_smile:

Hello! Looks like PIK is getting Fiberkind a lot of attention, and bringing us new friends! Welcome, looking forward to getting to know you.


Woot! So glad you guys are finding us! :fk:

Hi! Welcome to forum!

Hello, and welcome! We are a very friendly, encouraging group and we have a lot of members who are accomplished in knit and crochet, and you can always ask for help. Please post pictures of your blanket once it’s finished :blush:

@Joxgirl Hi!!!

I hope you will quickly feel right at home here - we are a welcoming and helpful bunch… but be careful we can be awful enabling too!!! Lol :joy:

Let me know if you need anything.