Hello, nice to meet you

Scrolling FB yesterday I found a friend had posted an article with a link to a web-harbour for knitters adrift. It feels so good to drop anchor in calm waters and feel my knitting mojo firing up; so looking forward to knitting with one and all.
If anyone should see me making a newbie error as I find my way around, please say so as it may help shorten my learning curve.
Thank you.

@Bushbunny Welcome - we are happy to have you! What is your favorite thing to knit? I am glad you got your mojo back! I have found so much inspiration through our members.

If you have trouble getting around please feel free to ask!

@Bushbunny Welcome and it’s nice to meet you too!

Welcome! We’re excited that you’ve joined our growing community. Feel free to join in and we look forward to seeing your projects.

@Bushbunny Welcome home! We’re so glad you found us and are getting your mojo back. There are various make-alongs happening that might help to inspire you. We look forward to seeing what you’re working on.

@Bushbunny - Welcome! I see you added your gardening zone in your profile. Please join us in our gardening group, Gardeners Know The Best Dirt.


Done. Thanks! I landed right onto the soft neck garlic thread ;-). I have a hard neck bed planted, awaiting spring

Hi Bushbunny! Come on over to our gardening group - Gardeners Know the Best Dirt.


Done. Thanks! I landed right onto the soft neck garlic thread ;-). I have a hard neck bed planted, awaiting spring

Thank you so much - favourite knitting is stranded - an occasional sweater, always socks, hats & mitts

Thanks so much - joined the gardening group - have now figured out ‘comment’ on posts
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Welcome aboard!! This is a great place to keep that knitting mojo going!! We have a lot of fun groups, so jump into as many of them as you’d like and share what you’re working on! :fk:

Welcome, @Bushbunny! I can’t wait to see what you are working on. Glad you joined us!

Hi @Bushbunny ! Glad you found the site. Hope you find something to interest you!

Hello, @Bushbunny and welcome to Fiberkind! Feel free to ask if you need help getting around :blush:

@Bushbunny , your description is just about the best one I have seen as an expression of how so many of us have felt since last summer. Wishing you, and all of us here, Fair Winds and Following Seas! (I learned that phrase from one of my brothers and am guessing that you will know what it means based on all your nautical references.) :sunglasses::sailboat:

Thank you so much! Yes Ma’am I do and it is a lovely wish. Sailing is a hobby. Knitting is a creative drive :wink: So here we can all cheerfully float as mates, connected by our yarns! All good sailors can ‘spin a good yarn’ and I look forward to sharing a few.