Harry Potter K/CAL

7/13: Hello fellow makers! Posted below is the original post from the previous site. Looking forward to continuing our conversation here. If you’re just finding us and are interested, please join in!

Original Post: Since the kickoff for the first Unraveled KAL is scheduled for July 4th, this knit/crochet-a-long will begin July 5th and run through August 31st. This is meant to be a fun, low-pressure, themed K/CAL. Basically, knit or crochet something you feel relates to something (anything!) from the world of Harry Potter.

Feel free to chat away. But for your finished project post, please include a picture of the finished item and how it relates to your vision of the Harry Potter world. Then, in bold, list what house you are in, the yardage used, and acquired bonus points.

What? There’s points? Yes, but I promise, it will be very easy. You will earn your house 10 points for every 50 yards you use, an additional 5 bonus points if your project somehow relates to the “bonus theme,” and an additional 5 bonus points if your project uses only stashed yarn (yarn already in your possession prior to your reading this post).

The “bonus theme” for this K/CAL will be Harry’s Birthday (the birthday boy turns 39 this year!). Earn those 5 bonus points by creating something that you can somehow relate to Harry or a birthday. Maybe you want to make something for a loved one’s upcoming birthday (bonus points!), maybe you want to make something that reminds you of Harry (Weasley sweater, anyone? bonus points!), maybe something that reminds you of Hedwig, Harry’s owl (bonus points!). Seriously, any way you can justify a connection to Harry or a birthday, 5 bonus points for you!

A finished post would look like:

As we know Mrs. Weasley is a knitter, and as one who must have been frugal, I envision her having knitted these socks using bits of leftover yarn from previous projects. This pair is knitted out of all left-over yarn from three other projects. Knowing how much Harry loved and appreciated his Weasley sweater his first Christmas at Hogwarts, she could have made him these socks for his next birthday; however, being intercepted by Dobby, along with all the letters from his friends, Harry didn’t get to receive them until Fred, George, and Ron rescued him from the Dursley’s.
House: Ravenclaw
Yardage Used: 237 = 40 points
Theme Bonus Points: yes = 5 points
Stash Only Yarn: yes = 5 points

All finished project posts to be counted for points for your house need to be posted no later than September 3rd. I’ll tally points and post totals by September 6th and announce the winning house.

Anticipated questions:

  1. Can I do more than one project? YES
  2. Do WIPS count? FOR THIS ONE, SURE
  3. Are there prizes? BRAGGING RIGHTS
  4. Can I double or triple dip with other K/CALs? YES!

Current Finished Project Points
(Total counted points will be divided by number of house participants reporting finished projects.)
Gryffindor: 0

Hufflepuff: 0

Ravenclaw: 86/1
Nyssareen (post 19) - Ravenclaw Scarf - 86 pts

Slytherin: 0

I found us! YAY!

I’m here! I just started Hermione’s Everyday Socks to help me ride out Hurricane Barry!

I’m following here now, and hoping to post a progress picture tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Stay safe!
Erica Lueder, designer of Hermione’s Everyday Socks, and I live in the same small town (under 10,000). Our kids take piano lessons from the same teacher. The first time I met her, I was a little knit-star struck. The piano teacher looked at me when Erica left and said, “What was that about?” I told her Erica had several sock patterns out there in the webiverse and one pattern in particular was exceptionally popular. She said, “Well, how popular can sock patterns be?” I told her she had over 20,000 projects (at the time) linked to this one pattern.

I know I posted a progress picture on the 11th on the other site, but want to continue our thread, especially the progress we’re making along the way. So, I’m going to repost my progress…

It’s been almost a week since we started. If you’re hesitant in joining us because the K/CAL already began, please jump in! We go through the end of August. Please see the first post for “turn in” details. I’m making progress on my socks. Am so excited about how they’re turning out; they’re all I want to knit on.

Love seeing everyone’s progress pictures! How’s everyone doing? Even if you posted in the other forum this week about your progress, feel free to do so again!

As this K/CAL is a little longer (until the end of August), toward the end of the month I’ll be asking some questions about what you like about our first “go,” what you don’t like, and what you’d like to see in the future. I have lots of ideas for future K/CAL a-longs, but certainly don’t need to hold some kind of solo “claim” over hosting these events. I am more than happy to continue to host, am happy if a person or two want to join me and rotate hosting. I’ll put something more formal together for us once we’re better established over here and post questions for feedback toward the end of July.

*I can resize my picture in this forum so it isn’t so HUGE! Yay!
(Edit: Oh, maybe not; it’s huge again. Womp, womp.)
(Edit #2: Maybe, success? When I did edit #1, I resized it again and it appears to have stayed! Hooray afterall!)

I made some great progress today waiting on #slowesthurricaneever Barry.


Prayers for you! I myself used to live in Grant Parish I know my friends and family are getting pummeled with wind and rain.

I had made some progress on the Ravenclaw Scarf I’m making for my daughter-in-law’s birthday present, but then I found a skein of yarn in the bottom of my bin that I’d forgotten about that was a better color than what I’d been using, so I tore it all out and started over! Lol! It’s coming along nicely now though, I didn’t have anything to do yesterday, so I got to sit and work on it through 2 full movies. It’ll be done before long and I’ll start of the pygmy puffs for my niece and the bag for my dil


That’s awesome! Isn’t it great how those things turn out? :wink:

It’s lovely!

YAY!! I found everyone.

My grandchildren are going to be spending a week with us, so I don’t know how much progress I will make. That’s OK, I will enjoy the time with them. Yesterday I had a migraine and that wasn’t too fun for them since I had to take some meds. and ended up sleeping. I can only hope I won’t have anymore migraines while they are here.

Hi there! I added the Harry Potter K/CAL to the community calendar. I had to do it in two parts (7/5 - 8/4 and 8/5-8/31) because at the moment the calendar does not allow events to last more than 30 days. I’m sure it’s a setting that can be adjusted in the code but didn’t see it right away and wanted to get it up on the calendar so it could be represented. I hope it’s not too confusing.

I got a lot done yesterday at fiber guild. This part is an easy knit but I am intimidated by the lace that is coming. This yarn is great and very good stitch definition. Is Foggy morning colorway Chincoteague Colors from Carodan Farm. I got it a few years ago at Rhinebeck.

So glad you were able to get some good knitting time in. Looks awesome!

Thank you!

Oh I have a list to get done. Socks for a guy, a polar bear for the Daisy dog, two lace shawls and one fingering shawl. I just need to find time with the farm to get things crafted done.

Those are pretty!

Just wanted to ask if double dipping KALs is allowed here? I have my Hermione’s Everyday Socks otn and in the site wide MAL. Is it ok to use them for both alongs?

Yes, please! Double-dip away!