Happy Anniversary, Harry!

I just found out it’s the twentieth anniversary of the Harry Potter film series. My goodness, how the years have flown! Anyway, here’s to the twenty years of pleasure the films have given us (and the books, obviously!) - Cheers!

Wow seems like yesterday!

My first memory was reading the book and a co-worker trying to pronounce Hermonie’s name. She had never heard the name before. She couldn’t believe I knew how to pronounce it.

Definitely difficult for many not familiar with the name.

What got you interested in reading the books? One of my sons got a recommendation from a friend while in college. He came home with the first book at Christmas and left it with us. I was hooked. I took my husband to the first movie when it came out and he loved it. He didn’t think he would. We have both read the series several times.

I got introduced to the book by a co-worker. I loved reading it and have been hooked ever since. My hubby loves the earlier movies, however the last two movies he’s not a fan of, his hearing is not good and he struggles with the darkness.