Hand-spun socks getting too twisty

So, while I’m knitting my first socks with my 3-ply hand-spun, it keeps getting more tightly spun, so much so that I feel like I have to untwist the extra almost every round. They are Z-spun singles and S- plied. Would spinning the singles S and plying Z fix this, or would I then have it too loose after a while? I’m a right- handed knitter. I guess that will be an experiment for another day,:joy:

Completely uninformed and naive guess: is it overplied? (Actually, am replying so that I follow the thread–am making my first handspun socks and am interested in the solution to this–though my two ply isn’t twisty…)

Are you pulling from the center of a center pull ball? If so, try pulling from the outside. One way puts more ply into the yarn the other takes a bit out.

This article by Jillian Moreno may be helpful.

 I wrote this before @Carlota  replied:

Thank you @dapncat t and @crosstitchlinda Hmm, yes on both questions. So maybe if I wound it on the ball winder the opposite way, it might also help.
@Carlota: I am a thrower and was using a center pull ball from the inside, so now I am even more confused. I will have to do my homework!

Have you seen this one from Roxanne Richardson? There are more nuances to consider.

It just confuses me more, but I will try her tips.

@PurlgirlButtons I sympathize - had a similar problem with my handspun sock yarn and had to periodically stand on a chair and let my sock dangle - so I will be trying some of these ideas if it happens again. But I will have to watch the video again - hard to keep it sorted out. I am still learning how much twist is enough for socks, and it is usually spoken of in vague terms so when I inserted plenty of twist it was probably way too much. The socks look fine though. I’ve only spun for socks twice, and will keep trying and recording my twist, ratios, etc. to eventually get a grip.

@Carlota, what I actually did was put my yarn back on my wheel and run it through very fast with a Z-ply direction. My socks may not match size-wise, but it is a learning experience, for sure.

I can’t remember if I’ve knit more than one pair of socks with handspun. But that pair is knit of handspun worsted weight and the socks will be great if I ever need to go out in a blizzard…I didn’t have any problem with twisting, tho. S twist Z plied

Wow, this is fascinating information. I am a thrower and usually pull from the center but I’ll have to pay attention to the twist.