Groups - Pictures

Is there a way in Groups on the Pictures tab to add text to those pics explaining what they are and maybe who added them? Thanks, Diana

I am not completely sure I understand your question -
do you mean “add text” as is often done with an image to create a meme
or ???

I am not sure if there is the help you need - exactly - but if you choose advanced editing there are many functions that may help you accomplish your goal

There is, in the bottom nav bar - on your right, “HELP”
this goes to a great deal of useful information - including many FAQs
not as well organized as some may like, but still worth a read if you want to know what you can do and how

@wheat - I think that @rollinge may be looking for a way to add captions.
When uploading a photo, there is a pop-up box to fill in…
so maybe this is asking how to go back and edit a post to add captions to images already in place?

I think many us are becoming aware of the importance of copyright & intellectual property issues,
and acknowledging photo credits may be an important part of that…
whether it is our own photo… or (for example) a photo that a yarn company has given permission for us to post on OU.

I could not figure out how to add a caption to an image already posted, so I created a faux-caption:

  • typed text to appear under the image,
  • selected italics,
  • chose the color gray.
    If I recall correctly, the tool bar with these options is available on posts, but not on comments.

The faux-caption was not an elegant solution, but a decent work-around for now.
It would be great to learn more about adding captions.

@qfknit the “advanced edit” features seem to be available for comments ,
if you do not see them, look on your right just above the comment “space” for three icons, your left to right
one is add attachments,
the middle one is an underlined A - that is the one which “should” give you the advance options
the last toggles the choice of smilies on/off
this may differ on mobile, I work from desktop & laptop
I would be happy to hear from anyone on a mobile if this info works for you.

Hi…What I am seeing is specifically in a Group. There is a Photo tab which appears to have photos that were posted in discussions. However, there are no captions, text, whatever you want to call it for those photos,so you can’t correlate them to anything. In my opinion, it is sensless to have these photos if you can’t tell what they are or who posted them. Hope that clears things up and I couldn’t find anything in the help section that addressed this. Thanks :slight_smile: Diana

@rollinge - thanks for setting me straight. I went to a Group, clicked on Photos, saw the thumbnails, clicked on one, and this was the result:

  • selected thumbnail expands to nearly full screen,
  • name of poster is presented under image; this is a clickable link to the member/poster,
  • name of discussion thread (channel?) is presented under image; this is a clickable link to the thread, but not to the exact post within the thread,
  • other thumbnails are shown arranged in a single row at the bottom of the screen.

Does this help?