Groups: List v. Grid

In the Groups tab, there is an option to view the groups as a list or in a grid. I much prefer a list, so have clicked on that. But my choice will not stay, and I have to reclick every time I go to Groups. Sometime I have to re-click on each page within Groups.

Is there a way can I make the list option be my default, rather than something I have to switch to each time I enter Groups?

Still hoping to get an answer to this questions. I was not able to find anything in Help about it, and have played around with settings etc. and not found anything .

I’m not sure there is the option to set your preferences yet. Maybe soon?

@Char , so you think that even though the option is there, it has to be reset each time one goes to Groups? If so, I guess I am doing it right. It just seems strange to have the option, but not anyway to actually choose it as an option.

thanks for replying, though.

I have not figured out a way to set a default on that type of thing… I would find it useful as well.

Let me earburn @wheat - she knows a lot more about this than I do.

So far I have not found an answer - still so much to learn