Groups - Go to last read post

When we’re in the main home page it’s easy to click on the down arrows to go to the last read post. However, in Groups that doesn’t appear to be an option - or am I missing something?

Edit: Hmm, tried another group and it was fine - maybe just in the Sock Knitters United??

Edit again: Well, it seems you can’t just use the “front page” - you have to go to Topics to get to that ability. Not sure if Mods want to keep this thread up - might be others who have the same problem.

Another day, another lesson learned! :o

I also find this a problem. It makes it a chore to check each of my groups to see what’s new. Yes, there are ways to do it, but they are cumbersome and I think a lot of people have gotten frustrated because it appears they aren’t keeping up with their groups.

If you subscribe to each group you’ll get notified whenever someone posts. (Each one you’ve joined.)

@FreedomLover I did not know that. So you’re saying that in addition to joining a group I have to subscribe to it?

@Hellokitten I think that @FreedomLover meant that you can subscribe to any threads in the group that you’re interested in. That does work, but I tend not to do it because then I have so so many more notifications. My biggest wish for the forums is that groups and forums can be combined in a different format because it’s so much clicking around right now to find the way back to specific threads.

Well I just subscribed to all of my groups, so I’ll see if that changes anything.

I definitely agree with you that something is awkward in the group set up, but I have no idea what to do about it. Mostly I find it frustrating to back and forth, etc. Growing pains.

I wouldn’t say you have to, I subscribe to each group I’m in and get a notification when anyone posts in that group. As we grow that may get unwieldy but it works for me now.

@Hellokitten I just messaged you, but I’ll post here as well. Having you subscribe was very helpful. I didn’t realize that the travel group wasn’t automatically accepting subscriptions. I’ve fixed that now. Another thing I’d like to see is moderated groups that auto-accept members. Some groups really do require modding, but that doesn’t mean that anyone shouldn’t be able to join automatically. Hopefully that can be adjusted in the future.

Aha. Good.