Group Owner/Moderation?

@Admin - Is there a way for Group Owners to moderate their groups by deleting or moving posts?

I thought group owners had that ability but I will have to test it with my alter ego… Since I have all the admin privs sometimes it’s hard to see what normal users have.

I looked before asking and didn’t see anything. If the answer is yes, please advise how we do it.

I invited you to a test group using my other account so we can test it out, I can delete and merge my own topics/groups. Can you try creating one in my group (TestGroup) and I’ll see what options are available.

@Admin - I got the notification about the Test Group but when I followed the link, it asked me to join. I clicked Join but got the message that I needed an invitation.

Ok, so I see your post and I have the option to delete it or merge it (can’t move it).

Click on the little numbered checkbox at the right of the post, then the pencil and paper near the top of the topic.

These options should be available to any group owner or moderator as the account I’m testing under is just a “registered user” with group ownership.

Screenshot from 2019-09-01 19-30-43.png

Screenshot from 2019-09-01 19-30-58.png

@Admin These choices are definitely available to owners. I merged some posts yesterday.

Also, is there any way to remove deleted threads? I had to delete a thread in a group I mod (the ISO & Destash group), but it still shows up on the threads list as deleted. It would be great to be able to make it go away - or better/alternatively to be able to archive threads to another location rather than delete.

It should only show up as deleted to you, “normal” users won’t see that, one nice thing about being able to see the deleted stuff is sometimes links will still point to it and people will get an unauthorized error, at least if someone asks you can see it to tell them it was deleted.

@Admin - Aha! OK. I didn’t realize that other users couldn’t see that. Thanks.

@Admin I’m learning things in this thread. I don’t know what the Merge posts means and Invert selection , is there a place that explains what these mean. Learning as I go! Thank You!

The help pages have a decent amount of info, but not all the details on moderation.

Probably having a “group moderation 101” wouldn’t be a bad idea.

@Admin - great, thanks for the info.

@Admin Thanks for the link–going to check it out. Group mod 101, great idea!

@Admin - When I set up the Yarn Sale Alerts group, I thought I saw a choice for how people could join. The two choices were me approving them or automatic approval. I thought I chose automatic. I’ve gotten a few that needed approval but others were automatic. I went back through the settings to double check and could not find that setting. Can you clarify where that setting is and any explanation for why some people need approval?

The group type is “Public”, not sure why some are still needing approval, I was able to join with my alternate account without approval. “Moderated” is users request to join and have to be approved and invite would be you have to specifically add people.

Screenshot from 2019-09-02 15-59-19.png

ilogical as I find it to be, the setting is in “Post Settings”
you will need to check

presently she does not seem to have “auto accept” checked - so owner/moderators will be sent a notice asking to approve or decline/dismiss (can’t remember which dis)

@Admin and @wheat - thanks for the help. I found the automatically accept under Post setting as Wheat said. It was not checked though I could swear I checked it. I’ve checked it again. The weirdest thing though is that a number of people joined without needing my approval.

don’t feel bad, I “could swear” and then realize
YES I checked the box, but maybe NO I did not scroll down to save the changes.
not saying that is what you did, just what my usual failure to complete all too often.

@wheat - Saving changes! Ahhh! Very possible I forgot that.