Group Icon

How do I change the Icon for a group I have started and what is the correct size to fill the available space? Group is Pattern Testers

Go to your group, On A Desk/Lap top (mobile may vary) to your right of the “ABOUT THIS GROUP” you should see the “gear” Icon
Click on the Gear Icon
Choose General Settings
Scoll down until you see
Group Icon -

let me know if this works, otherwise I will tag @Admin for help

HI Wheat…Thanks. I finally cleared my cache and once I had done that my new group picture showed up :slight_smile:

@rollinge great -
I even have a sticky note on my screen that says "did you clear the cache? "

Go to User Profile
hover over existing avotar
the words Edit Avatar should appear,
Click on Edit Avatar,
Follow steps
clear Cache
check to see if it worked

I’d like to know how to change my profile icon. I keep getting an error message. :confused:

What’s the error you’re seeing?