Green Jersey Contest

To qualify for the “Green Jersey” prize, you need to have qualified for at least one of the 3 weekly contests.

If you are in that list, please put your name below and this nice little Turkish drop spindle will be yours if your name is drawn!

Please post your name below no later than Sunday night, Sep 20th, CST, at midnight. Again, this is on the honor system–please make it fair for everyone! Thanks! Again, feel free to go ahead and post your name if you are already qualified.


Green Jersey prize entry - I’m qualified!


I’m qualified!

Drawing will be later this afternoon–stayed tuned!!

The winner of this jersey is… @Kniterested !!! You are now the proud owner of a new Turkish drop spindle!! Congratulations and have fun spinning on this little beauty.

Please send me your address so I can mail this out to you this week! :slight_smile:

Hey! That should be a lot of fun - congratulations and nice going on all your spinning!

Fun! Just the pick-me-up I needed! I was feeling a little frustrated that so many things kept me from spinning very much this last week - but I have tried to make up for it these last couple of days. I love Turkish spindles, so YAY!

I’m glad you love Turkish spindles—and if you already have too many, feel free to re-gift it if you can’t use it. I totally get that frustrated feeling. I had things get in the way this time as well, but I got way more done than if I hadn’t participated and it looks like you got a fair amount accomplished anyway!

I’m qualified! :biking_woman: