Green Jersey Contest

To qualify for the “Green Jersey” prize, you need to have qualified for at least one of the 3 weekly contests.

If you are in that list, please put your name below and this lovely drop spindle that can be used either top whorl or a bottom whorl spindle, created and personally signed by our very own @RoadFindCotton!

Please post your name below no later than Sunday night, July 28th, CST, at midnight. Again, this is on the honor system–please make it fair for everyone! Thanks! Again, feel free to go ahead and post your name if you are already qualified.


-I have qualified for all 3 weeks even though last week I forgot to post that I had qualified by the deadline (yarnforall)

I have qualified all 3 weeks.

I qualified 2 weeks, and i would love a new spindle!

I have qualified each time :slight_smile:

Yep i qualify

I qualified for two of the three weeks. That spindle is beautiful!

I have spun every day of the Tour for 2-3 hours. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

I have qualified for each week, just missed the deadlines.


Yes, I qualified for at least one of the weekly contests (and more):).

I qualified

You are all spinning rock stars!! I wish I had a prize for every single one of you! Again, I have used a name drawing generator, so the drawing is fair and equal.

That being said, our GREEN JERSEY WINNER is…

@JenC!! Congratulations—You are the blessed recipient of a beautiful drop spindle handmade by @RoadFindCotton–please private message him and give him mailing address, then sit back and enjoy some fun and relaxing spinning with your new spindle! We hope to see some pictures!

Congratulations, @JenC ! :slight_smile:

Yay @JenC!!!

Congratulations @JenC!

I’m so THRILLED and EXCITED that I’m seriously DIZZY…like I don’t think I can stand up…LOL. Oh my. I never win anything and this is so wonderful!! The spindle is sooooo beautiful. Thank you Our Unraveled, thank you @rkennell for running this event and thank you thank you thank you @RoadFindCotton for such a gorgeous prize!

Congratulations, @JenC !!! (I personally tested it out myself!)

Thanks everyone for being happy for me :slight_smile: This is a GREAT group of spinners!

Congratulations @JenC