Great-great-grandmother knits model of hospital to raise funds for NHS (UK)

Great-great-grandmother spends lockdown knitting model of Nightingale Hospital to raise funds for NHS
by Sarah Young
September 30, 2020
The Independent

The article describes the knitter as Margaret Seaman, 91, and her creation as “Knittingale Hospital.

The three-metre-square creation features four wards, including an A&E department and separate areas for men, women and children, complete with miniature beds, blankets, chairs and cupboards, all of which are knitted.

Seaman also knitted an X-ray unit, fracture clinic, cafe, helicopter landing pad, car park and flower beds.

The set is finished with 58 tiny woollen figures, including doctors, nurses and patients, which were created by Seaman’s friend, Jan.

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thanks for posting.

Impressive knitting! Wow.

Yes, I was impressed with the number and variety of little pieces… a complete “dollhouse” hospital!