Finally, this is the granddaddy of all the contests! @fancykitty has donated a sweet prize–a Lap Fiber Artists Blending Palette, a $149 product! In case you haven’t been to their site yet, Fancy Kitty makes some high-quality fiber blending options, from boards to drum carders of all sizes. The new owners happen to be good friends of mine (I grew up with them) and this is a very generous offer, in my opinion! Be sure to go to and check out their products.

Since it is such a nice prize, we will make the qualifications a bit tougher. To earn it, you have to had participated in the the entire event (with only 2 days of rest, just like the TdF bikers).

So for those who are almost there–don’t give up!!!

Again, you need to enter your name by Sunday night, midnight, July 28, CST, in order to be in the drawing, just to keep it fair.


WOW! Can’t believe it but I actually qualify! I only had one day that I did less than 20 minutes and that was because I was not well. (FINGERS crossed)

I qualify! Yay! I spun on my Ashford Traveller Wheel every day for the entire TDF. I spun at least 20 minutes and several days spun almost 1 hour. What a wonderful prize! I did complete the 4 oz braid that I started spinning on day one.

I’m happy to say that I have not missed a day of the Tour. I’ve spun every day for at least 2 hours. Thanks to Fancy Kitty for their generous prize donation! :slight_smile:

I spun 30-90 minutes every day (excluding rest days). I finished all the singles on my combo spin and will start plying in a couple days.

I spun 30-90 minutes every day (excluding rest days). I finished all the singles of my combo spin and will start plying in a couple days.



I prepped fiber for at 20-50 minutes a day every day but the two rest days. (And if I were to go four more days, which I might, I will be Finished Flicking this Fleece!)


Last update for the #SpinDeFleece2019. I’ve spun almost a mile of yarn. I averaged 50 minutes a day and spun everyday.

21 Spin De Fleece 2019.jpg

Thank you! It is more than I expected to get done. I finished 8 oz of yak that was on my wheel to begin the spin, then 3 fibers from Shave Em to Save Em and started a fourth. I had a great time seeing all of the wonderful yarn being spun by everyone.

And I have finished without missing a day! All that is in my final photo is the spinning on my electric eel wheel 5.1, since that was my main focus and I had been entering in that one too, but I also spun on drop spindles some BMW getting to the second half of the divid as well as a spindle with merino silk that I also just got to the spot of where I had splitthe roving in half lol. And finally I made my first ever rolag or batt or idk what it is tech called, it was on a blending board, and it wasn’t done very well but I did complete it LOL…
My final progress photo

@LeoLady, I would say you still qualify!

You all are my spinning heroes!!! You have set aside some serious time to dedicate to spinning and have turned out an amazing amount of gorgeously spun fiber! I’m going to start with you all first, since the winner of this contest will not be allowed to win a prize in the smaller ones, just to make it more fair, but if you didn’t get selected here, you will still be able to compete in the other contests, so don’t give up if you don’t win here. Also, everyone here is given an equal chance at winning–I use a name-drawing generator to pick a name at random from the list, no favorites allowed.

So, that being said—Drum roll, please, for the GRAND PRIZE WINNER OF SPIN DE FLEECE 2019-----

@strawberryroan!!! Congratulations! You have worked hard and made it to the end!! You will receive the Lap Fiber Artists Blending Palette from Fancy Kitty designs. Please message @fancykitty with your mailing address so she can send you your gift.

Congratulations, @strawberryroan! :slight_smile:

Congratulations and happy prepping with your new board @strawberryroan !

Thank you!

Cheers and have fun blending @strawberryroan!!!

Oh my goodness! What a wonderful prize! Thank you so much! I enjoyed Spin De Fleece and seeing the AMAZING yarn being produced.

Yay, @strawberryroan-YellowJersey!! And well done, all of you!

What a beautiful story in pictures!

Congratulations @strawberryroan Have fun with it!!