GRAND PRIZE Contest (TWO winners!)

Finally, this is the granddaddy of all the contests! And this year we have TWO big prizes to give away!

First up, fancykitty has donated a sweet prize–a Lap Fiber Artists Blending Palette, a $149 product! In case you haven’t been to their site yet, Fancy Kitty makes some high-quality fiber blending options, from blending boards to drum carders of all sizes. The new owners happen to be good friends of mine (I grew up with them) and this is a very generous offer, in my opinion! Be sure to go to and check out their products.

The 2nd Grand Prize is not one, but TWO 4-oz braids of BFL/tussah silk in a lovely Koi Pond colorway, dyed by a local mother-daughter duo. The mother is a sister to THE Sarah Anderson (see main prize post for more details). This stuff is seriously soft and squishy!! I had to be sternly tough and not purchase some of this stuff for myself when I went to purchase this donation from her. At least I get to “pet it” from time to time until it makes it’s way out the door. :slight_smile: ETA: Correction–this is actually only about 6 oz total, but still a lovely batch! My apologies for the mixup.

Since these are such nice prizes, we will make the qualifications a bit tougher. To earn it, you have to had participated in the entire event (with only 2 days of rest, just like the TdF bikers). Even if I was in the drawings, I would have disqualified myself here–I think I missed a day or 2 this event, so my hat is off to anyone who did this!

So for those who are almost there–don’t give up!!!

Again, you need to enter your name by Sunday night, midnight (in your time zone), Sep 20, in order to be in the drawing, just to keep it fair.

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I’ll go ahead and post here. So far I’ve spun every day including the rest days so… even if I don’t get home in time tomorrow to do any spinning I can call it a rest day. I’ve also done both challenge days. I do intend to do some spinning tomorrow but we are going to visit the grands so don’t know how late we’ll be.

I was able to get my 30 min in today — so at least 30 days every day including rest days and 60 min on the challenge days

Okay, I am done with the spinning for now and here are my results. 2 pounds, 8 ounces total. I spun at least 30 minutes every day but two. The yarn on the bobbins needs to be skeined up but I can’t use my knitty noddy right now so they’ll have to wait a bit. This was a fun spin-a-long and I love seeing everyone’s work.


I spun all but 1 day of the Tour. I spun at least 20 minutes a day. From 1 bobbin to now 4 full bobbins and started the 5th bobbin today. This was great!


I’m putting my name in now, so I don’t forget. I’ve spun all but one day of the Tour. If my math is correct, I’ve spun over 25 hours! I met my challenge days by spinning over an hour and made a gift (albeit crochet) with some of my handspun. I also started a pair of socks, but won’t let myself work on them until I’m done with the current pair on the needles. I will attach a picture or two soon. Thanks to everyone for their encouragement and enabling! I didn’t burn through my stash, so there will be more spinning to come in the future!


I have spun and/or prepped fiber for at least 30 minutes every day of the tour, including rest days, and have done vigorous challenges on the challenge days. (I would like to disqualify myself for the blending board, as I already have one.)

Finished vest spin with 912 yards. Completed two challenge spins: 4 oz. Barbados Blackbelly (SE2SE), 1 oz. Debouillet felted locks. I then made batts of all my saved drum carder and flick carder waste from the vest spin, blending with silk, to be spun later during Spin Together, and I took all miscellaneous odd locks left from the vest spin and carded rolags with silk, support spindle spun them, 2-plied them, and then I spun miscellaneous rolags from the shorter locks into singles, which I will ply tomorrow. With every scrap of the BFL/Coopworth used up, I washed out the big tub ad got it ready for the next sweaterspin. I feel good to have completely moved this 2.5 lbs of fleece to the next phase, no longer a fleece!

I am so impressed by all that was accomplished! Congrats to all of you for qualifying for the Grand Prize contest–that takes some serious dedication! I will be doing the drawing later this afternoon as I need to run some errands this morning, so tune in this evening for posting of the winners!

An amazing accomplishment! You’re my inspiration!

And…the 1st Grand Prize winner is… @Khgknits !! Woohoo!! You are the lucky recipient of the Lap Fiber Artist’s Blending Palette by Fancy Kitty!! You are going to have so much fun with this board. Congratulations!

The 2nd Grand Prize winner is: @PurlgirlButtons ! Yay! You’ve worked hard for this and have turned out a ton of yarn, so you now are the recipient of…MORE fiber!!! This is 6 oz worth and should make a lovely project for you to play with. Congratulations to you as well!

I will need the addresses of both of you so we can get these shipped out right away.

Wow @Khgknits ! That will be an awesome addition to your tool box! Congratulations!

@PurlgirlButtons I never saw anyone get up and spinning so quickly with so much output! Congratulations!

I was thinking the same thing!! For being a Rookie, she sure turned out the yarn!!

Oh, that is so wonderful, and it will be my first spin with silk, so maybe a shawl in the works!