Get Up and Go!

We’re starting a new topic/thread for anyone who would like positive reinforcement for moving more in 2021. Doesn’t matter how much or how little you ‘get up and go’–or what type of get up and go you do–yoga, chair aerobics, stretching, getting up during tv commercials, dancing with your dog. It’s all about supporting each other and taking baby steps, whatever that means for you. (and photos! lots of fun photos!) Extra points for anyone who manages to knit and walk! :sunglasses:

Ooh I’m ahead of the game! I knit (or crochet) and walk all the time. Small, simple project in a wrist bag. Of course, I haven’t done any walking outside of my “yard” which is basically the 2 acres immediately around my RV, in almost a year so… well see how that goes. I’ll be swimming, doing aquasize and walking and I hope to get into a yoga class when things like yoga classes are happening again. I had just started one last year and then it got shot down by Covid. I really want to do another 5k by the end of 2021.

I remember being on the treadmill, watching a video and knitting at the same time - a three-in-one - I like to make good use of my time!

Oh now see i don’t think I could do that. My balance is a bit wobbly and I have to focus not to stumble on a treadmill. But I do like watching video on them.

I just did a ‘mobility workout’ from a DVD I bought months ago but never used. Ouch. And I did only the 10 minute timesaver pre-mix! I can see where it will help…eventually…ouch…

Wow–I walk on my treadmill, not run–but there’s no way I can do that. I do watch tv, with closed captions, and listen to music.

Also, we have a group on here you might want to check out: Motivating Makers. We encourage each other to exercise and in other aspects of life.

Oh my goodness. I do good to be able to watch a video while on the treadmill–I’d have to go pretty slow to be able to knit! I do like to watch weaving videos–it helps me look forward to my treadmill time!

@rkennell can you recommend any channels for weaving videos? (that is, on Youtube)

@dapncat - Right now I’m actually watching Jane Stafford in her weaving guild. I just got a floor loom and she has an excellent site with tons of online weaving classes, about 5 years’ worth. I paid for a year subscription and all the content is included as long as you’re a member. She is funny, down to earth, and you feel like you’re sitting in her studio learning from her. I’d hate to think what it would cost to actually do that! Definitely you get your money’s worth!

Also, I’ve signed up for individual classes (purchased) with both Kelly Casanova and Liz Gipson for rigid heddle classes in 2020 and they are both excellent. They both have YouTube channels that are really good. (I believe Liz Gipson goes by Yarnworker as her YouTube name.)

Also, just choosing a loom brand (like Schacht or Louet) will yield a lot of YouTube videos about weaving.

@rkennell Thank you–will check it out