FYI Careful with mixing old and new yarn

Hey all:

I was using up stash to make a blanket and thought I had enough yarn. Turns out I was short more than a few yards so I had to get some more. It’s a very common yarn and very common color at all the local stores so I didn’t hesitate to order some online.

I paid a lot for it, but what can you do when you are 7/8 done with no other solution in sight.

Here’s the problem. My stash must have been pretty old because see the difference!

They are both Caron One Pound / 16 oz / Sunflower
Medium Weight #4

The only difference on the label was that the newer one had ‘Yarnspirations’ on it and the original ones did not.

I hope you can see how thin the newer one is compared to the older ones in the close up. The newer yarn is at the top of both pictures.

Of course I couldn’t use it to finish up my project as the gauge was wrong and the ‘feel’ was so different.

I’m only bringing this up in case anyone else out there has older stash that they want to mix with newer yarn. Just be careful!

Yarn weight.jpg

Yarn weight close up.jpg

I have found this with some of my really old stash.

Thank you for bringing this up. I’m sorry that it didn’t work out for you. I hope you came up with a good solution.

I ended up using several shades in the center which then got mostly obscured by the bees I added on the surface. This is the front and back of the finished product. Not my shining hour, but better than a total waste of time and yarn. At least I was able to finish the blanket.

Bees in Hive Childs Blanket Front.jpg

Bees in Hive Childs Blanket Wrong Side.jpg

i love the different shades of colors in the center, and the bees are so cute!! The finished blanket put a smile on my face this morning!!

Thanks for that happpy comment. It’s how how I intended the blanket to look, but some child on the Pine Ridge Reservation should like it anyway.

That’s really cute! I’m sure that child will love it!!

I just saw this, too – that is completely adorable, and a fabulous solution to your problem! Is that a pattern you found or did you wing it? Really sweet.