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Can’t see the picture.

love the bird seed one :slight_smile:

Loved the birdseed one! Thanks for sharing.

If Jesus were on social media…

@sewbizgirl posted another video by this comedian on the previous site. This one is called [I]When Your Wife is Into Craft Projects.


@sewbizgirl originally posted this one, [I]Trapped in the Craft Store.


@Kathy7661 Do! My husband thought they were hysterical. In truth he’s a prince about going to the stores with me and even enables me to buy yarn or fabric. I’m a lucky lady.

@FreedomLover My husband and I watched these together and had a good laugh!! Funny stuff…he can relate!

As a newlywed, my husband said to me that a new fabric store had opened up and would I like to go? Well, of course! And wow, what a great husband to be so thoughtful to take me to a store that I would enjoy. So we travelled to the new store; I was inside probably less than 10 minutes and he says to me “are you done?” Yes, that dream shattered!

…for just a little more money, you can make a crappier version." HYSTERICAL!!

In our town there is a Lowe’s right next to the Hobby Lobby. After 35 years of marriage this is a dream setup for us. My DH loves to look at hardware stuff he never buys and can spend hours picking out a switch plate while I happily peruse the entire HL and load up on my craft stuff! I think a marriage counselor must have been involved in the town planning!

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Perfect… same with the Loch Ness Monster or shots of alien crafts…