Funky combinations

I have a pair of socks that my dad bought me for christmas last year that have 3 colors: 1 for the body of the sock, 1 for the heel and toe, and 1 for the cuff. They are my currebt favorite socks so Ive decided to recreate them in different colors! Because I knit! And I get to choose! Mwuahahahaha!

These are some skeins I have accumulated in the past few months and I am stuck on this combo!

Body: Malabrigo in Sandstorm (darkest)
Heels and toes: Potion Yarn in Macabre (lightest)
Cuff: a Pumpkin Spice Latte mini from Big Foot Fibers

Show me your funky combinations! Knit up, from stash or internet window shopping!


I love this combination! It is very fally which is my favorite season. :slight_smile:

I love these colors too!! Fall happens to be my favorite season too!

Same! I cant wait to have that orange peeking out at the top! :jack_o_lantern: