Free Tapestry Crochet Backpack Pattern

Beginner friendly tapestry crochet backpack- Lipa Backpack. It is an easy crochet rucksack supported by a video tutorial on how to change colours when using the tapestry crochet technique. [TABLE=“class: MsoTableGrid”]



Thanks for posting this @Blue Star Crochet! It would be a quick easy make for sure.

Great idea to make a backpack! Thank you for sharing!

Beautiful! I love useful things, too. What a great project!

thank you all for your kind comments. I hope you enjoy the pattern.

Do you have Backpack design patterns for kids too? Actually, I want a backpack for prep school? My kid is 5 years old. I usually do my kid’s shopping on reecoupons and for school stationery and bags I use zipit coupons. Do you have any online store for this?

It’s a super idea to make a knitted backpack. This knitting technique gives a certain coziness to the backpack. I would like to know how durable this kind of backpack is? I think that over time it can stretch and lose its shape, especially if you stack things haphazardly in the backpack. I think to keep the shape, you need to use bags like these Just imagine what would happen if you regularly carry a bunch of keys in a backpack like that. Obviously, the strings would cling and tear.