Free Sewing Patterns

This thread is for our designers to list their free sewing patterns. Please provide a PDF file, or a link to your own website, or your pattern at lovecrafts, etsy, etc where members can find your pattern.

I recommend using the following format:

  • Share a picture – everyone likes to see what it looks like
  • Fabric, thread and other items used
  • Yardage used
  • Link to the website where they can obtain the pattern if a PDF is not uploaded
  • Other information you would consider important
  • USE TAGS! It may help folks find your patterns easier

[SIZE=20px]FREE [/SIZE][SIZE=20px]DIY Sewing Instructions for Microwaveable Bean bag[/SIZE]
Simple-to-sew, each takes less than an hour. They can be used to replace a hot water bottle.
Free DIY sewing pattern for Microwaveable Bean Bags.pdf

What you need: [INDENT]About 1/4 yard (9 inches) of cotton fabric, about 36" - 45" wide.
About 2 lbs (4 cups) of dried navy beans OR peas, rice, corn.
Straight Pins
Seamstress Chalk
Measuring cup[/INDENT]

Free DIY sewing pattern for Microwaveable Bean Bags.pdf (401 KB)

photo of hummingbird beanbag.jpg